7 Frustrating Creationist Policies in Public Schools

Ignorance is thriving. See for yourselves. Link


cipher said...

On a positive note, in most of those cases, the evolution side won.

I'm not optimistic, however. They want a theocracy, and they're like a force of nature; they'll never stop.

Rhacodactylus said...

I love this sticker idea, I think we should do it with all our books. Math books could have ones that say 2+2=4 is only our best guess at the current time, and English books could say that Shakespeare may have written Hamlet, or it could have been a thousand monkeys at type-writers. TEACH THE CONTROVERSY!!! =)

pink_monkey said...

nice Rhaco...lol

I'm always amused when they bring up the fact that Evolution is "only a theory", like this somehow detracts from its veracity. I wish they'd just go pick on gravity or something.

christophermencken said...

sigh. Keep fighting the good fight, John.

brosho7 said...

Many believers don't believe in what they say they believe in. If believers believed in Jesus they way they say do then believers would be content to let this nation exist without their input. Per the gospels, Jesus never set out to change society to fit his morality. There is not one passage that grants believers the right to advocate the changes in law, to implement their belief system in the public schools, or government. You continue to see believers today going above and beyond what their messiah taught and expected out of his followers.

shane said...

What a joke!

Creation science has no further proven the factuality of there belief's then evolution. Actually not even close to having the same evidence as evolution.

This is similar to christians wanting the ten commandments in schools?.....meanwhile they break the last one "keeping the sabbath"!
They would also have to get rid of art class because "no likeness of anything on heaven or earth could be made"!

Talk about hypocritical wishfulness!

Charles said...

Mr. Darwin showed us the mechanism for how Evolution works, but the physical evidence is the conclusive
proof that we, in fact, evolved. And all those evidences are consistent with the same time frame
and it hasn't shit to do with any
Adam & Eve chimera. Those seeking to impose creationism nonsense are people, as we all know, whose religious views suffer from what it could be justifiably called Cognitive Bias--where the individual will prefer informations
that, presumably, [confirm] their bias presupposed notions. All the major religions have 2500 years invested in their games of superstition and they aren't about to relinquish; and so their Creationists have embarked on the impossible task of disproving Mr. Darwin's theory of Evolution, but of course, they haven't showed any result that could amount to anything even remotely close to a
compendious irrefutable proof of what they're trying to promote. In so far what they have been able to provide is a good source of material for comedians.