Is God Necessary for Morality? Hell NO!

Just see what happened to William Lane Craig when he debated Louise Antony and then Shelly Kagan on this topic. He lost both times.

Then don't miss Edwin Curley's talk, My Ways Are Not Your Ways: The Character of the God of the Hebrew Bible. Watch it and tell me with a straight face that the God of the Bible is the objective standard of morality. Yeah, right.

I've written some posts on this topic myself to be found here under the rubric "Atheism, Christianity and Morality."


shane said...

Hey everyone, I have not posted in awhile, my computer is on the blink.

God as known in the bible is not necessary for morality.

The bible does not offer anything morally superior then any other ancient culture also in corperated into their society.

If the ten commandments are a standard of morality, then we humans have done a much better job at identifying and making laws that benefit the human race!

There is nothing in the ten commandments nor in Jesus teachings that condemn slavery, which is one of the worst crimes against humanity!

When we compare the Old testament God to our human standard of morality, God becomes a moral monster.

The bible is the work of ancient and savage men, not a merciful divine God!

Cole said...

I like the Chistian philosopher Richard Swinburne's answer to this. Moral truths are necessary truths and therefore don't require an outside source to ground them. There are two kinds of being. Necessary Being and contingent being. Things that exist necessarily exist by a necessity of their own nature and are not caused by anything else.

This is the case for morality. The moral law doesn't require an outside cause because it exists necessarily.

zenmite said...

I believe that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the source of all logic and rationality. It is meaningless to speak of logical and illogical assertions apart from belief in FSM since He is the objective source of logic. Those who disbelieve in FSM have no objective standard to judge rational from irrational. Therefore when those unbelievers assert that the FSM is irrational their statement is meaningless.

GearHedEd said...

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Dane Eidson said...

A God who ordered the execution of a man just for picking up sticks on the sabbath certainly is no source for morality.
A God who ordered the genocide of a race of people is certainly no source for morality.
A God who ordered young girls into the sex slave market certainly is no source for morality.
A God who accepted the butcher and the burning of a young girl as a sacrifice unto him in return for victory in a battle certainly is no source for morality.
A God who promised happiness to the one who bashed the brains out of the babies of his enemies certainly is no source for morality.
A God who supported slavery is certainly no source for morality.

Charles said...

Most believers insist that morality
comes from a deity for which there
is no empirical testable evidence--
making it absolute and universal--
yet, it is by no means self-evident
that our sense of right or wrong, and the codes of behavior we're expected to follow, come from a supernatural source