Reality Check: What Must Be the Case if Christianity is True?

23) That although there can be no moral justification for the sufferings of animals in this created world, a perfectly good God created this world anyway. We don't even see God's care for the lower animals in his supposed revealed word, which is described in Psalm 119 as his "perfect will." Think otherwise? Then read what I wrote here.


EssEff said...

The best exegesis of Christ's "atonement" I ever heard was from some fundy animal control officers. Jesus wasn't sacrificed just for us, but to end animal sacrifice! What a guy!

I always wonder why "fundamentalists" are usually so quick to quote the Old Testament. Jesus wiped away large parts of the old "law" (huge exception for homosexuality being an "abomination" and whatever else they feel like obeying at the moment)

I like the kinder gentler NT, but if God has his eye on the sparrow, then what will the bobcats & hawks eat?

PhilosophyFan said...

Kinder NT? As William Lane Craig might ask, did you read Revelations? Squashed bugs anyone??? Kierkegaard said Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear, but some atheists don't even seem they would Fear God if He DID exist!!!

Animal suffering, hmm...well the Bible DOES claim annihilationism for animals... All FoR The GreatEr GooD And Beyooond!! LoL

Can You justify stepping on BugS!!?? Is it our fault or God's FaUlT 4 animal suffering? HmMmMmmm.... blame God! Judge and so shall we be!?

EssEff said...

The NT God doesn't wipe out the whole planet and start over. Punishment is more personal in the NT. I'm so glad I don't have to worry that I'll be smote along with my entire city if some guy on the other side of town from here pokes his buddy.

Breckmin said...

It is utterly ridiculous to be consumed with temporary beings such as animals (who are NOT created in the Image of God).

We eat animals. We enjoy having them as pets. Some people are unnecessarily cruel to them. This is wrong plain and simple because we shouldn't intentionally inflict suffering...BUT an animal is an animal. Where the confusion comes from is with the deception of universal common descent theory. If you employ Neo-Darwinian assumptions then perhaps you will conclude you should be a vegetarian.

An animal's suffering is temporary.
Human beings who are created in God's Image are the ones who have been placed in this temporary creation to battle their own flesh (sin nature), the immoral world system (culture) and the devil (demonic spiritual forces - or more accurately unclean deceiving spirits).

We are engaged in a battle. Other mammalia are not engaged in this battle - but are merely trying to survive their temporary existence.

They do not worship the Creator nor sing praises to Him, nor do they ask forgiveness on behalf of those who murder them for their faith, nor pray for those persecuting them... nor raise their hands in worship of a Holy Creator before they meet Him.

Humility, true love and faith/trust in the Creator is something they will never know..