The Intelligence² Debate, Is Atheism the New Fundamentalism? With Richard Dawkins, AC Grayling, Richard Harries

This debate is posted below:

The rest of the parts can be found right here.


edthemanicstreetpreacher said...

I was there myself. Baldy-headed toff in the cream shirt who asked Charles Moore and Richard Harries about nuanced scholarship –v- creationist nonsense. It was great! Dawkins and Grayling did our side proud!

On my own blog, you can read my review of the debate, my thoughts on why Dawkins is right to refuse a debate with William Lane Craig, and my report on Premier Christian Radio’s report of the debate, which plays my question.


Nonchai said...

I have to agree. I watched this a few days ago and thought grayling and Dawkins just shone with clarity.

Thats one big reason why regardless of any so called "failings" of his "God Delusion" I love to hear him speak, His clarity cuts through so much bullshit.

Piratefish said...

Great debate thanks! I'm just so surprised how little Richard Harries and the other guy know and understand atheism, that's for people of this caliber. It's the first time I watch AC Grayling, a truly graceful gentleman scholar(thumbs up)! :)

TheChristianAtheist said...

"The topic of the millenium"? So far, maybe. I think it'll all seem pretty tiresome in another decade but it sure is fun now. Agreed on the effect of clarity. This is why you don't have to be an atheist to love the New Atheists. And to edthemanic: nice blog! Good to make your acquaintance.