Meet My New Neighbors

The late Rev. Ike, who coin the phases: “Some people need a checkup from the neck up.” to “The more you pay, the harder I'll pray.”; used to tell Christians listening to his broadcast: “Why wait for a pie in the sky in the sweet by and by when you can have the pie right NOW with ice-cream on top of it!”

Ministry Leader Building $4 Million Home After Cutting Jobs

A Charlotte-area religious broadcaster is building a $4 million home in western South Carolina, as the ministry has cut jobs.
The Charlotte Observer reported Monday that Inspiration Networks’ CEO David Cerullo, is building the 9,000-square-foot home in a gated community that overlooks Lake Keowee.
Inspiration Networks has drawn scrutiny for up to $26 million in incentives it won from South Carolina to move from Charlotte to Indian Land in Lancaster County.
Don Weaver of the South Carolina Association of Taxpayers says given Cerullo’s salary and land holdings, it doesn’t appear the state needs to offer tax breaks.
Employees told the newspaper the ministry began laying off some workers late last year.
News Channel 7 called and email Inspiration Ministries, to speak to Cerullo or a media relations person. So far, we haven’t heard back from them. But those who know Cerullo said people are developing opinions before they know the facts.
Nick Rubio’s parent’s own the company building Cerullo’s home and he said he is working there during construction. He stresses that Cerullo has been involved in many businesses, other than the ministry.
Cerullo’s bio on the ministry website does state he’s worked internationally and had founded a successful advertising and public relations firm, a construction company and a management consulting firm.
“He was a businessman in real estate and he got into that, and developed that company up,“ said Rubio. “He’s a real genuine, sincere guy who loves God and loves the people that he’s helping.“


James B said...

Pimp’n aint easy Baby!
Here is a perfect example of the modern American church. In asking for explanation, the Christian will experience anal/cranial inversion…which should be documented as a psychological result of the religious American. As the debates go on, each religious institution flourishes under the protection of tax exemption…Go Jesus! I don’t care what people say…I skip the middle man…my money goes straight to the Vatican!

Harry McCall said...

Listen people! The man has humbled himself. He's moving from a 12,000 square foot home to this very small 9,000 square foot home.

Come on you godless atheist; give this poor Christian a break!

He trusts in the Lord so much, he’s located behind a gated community. But could these gates just really be the Gates of Heaven? Who knows, the guard in the gatehouse just might be Saint Pet!

After looking at my own personal finances, I must confess, the Lord is now burdening my heart and leading me into the full time Gospel ministry.

Ain’t God Good!

Harry McCall said...

Somehow, someway; all the Christians who supported David Cerullo ministry with money to feed the starving children in Africa, I just know it got there because I know God is a God of miracles.Amen brother?

But wait! If this ministry is the Lord’s, then why is David Cerullo legally listed as it’s CEO?

Oh well, that’s just one more question we’ll have to wait to ask Jesus when we get to Heaven.

exrelayman said...

When you consider:
1) the funds of Christian proponents to the funds of atheist proponents,
2) the head start Christians get in indoctrinating young minds before science and rational thought have input,
3) the social and economic costs of professing atheist belief in Christian families and communities,
then, few as we are, isn't it remarkable also how many we are?

Judy Adler said...

Actually, Rev. Ike was constantly 'debunking traditional Christianity (religion). He used the term 'religious gobbledy-gook" & interpreted the bible psychologically (as a book of Mind Science) and not literally. Basically he taught Mind Science (As a man thinks, so is he)You will be very surprised & enlightened about his teachings & philosopy if you visit his website

Harry McCall said...

Takes Judy.

Rev. Ike was on the cutting edge of what later the Oral Roberts types called the Prosperity Gospel. I used to list to him back in the early 70’s and have some of his preaching still on my reel-to-reel recorder.

Likewise, I used to listen to The Modern Prophet of Macon, Georgia; the Rev. Roosevelt Franklin as he sold his Peace and Prosperity Plan.

Ike and Franklin were NOT fakes, but stated truthfully and up front their goals and intents and lived out their gospels ideals.

Like Ike, Franklin was also miles ahead and on the cutting edge of all the white televangelists who only got caught up with them over some 30 years later. People like mega church Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and televangelist Mike Murdock (whose lectures and Wisdom books have paid him royally) have Ike and Franklin to thank as Prosperity Gospel pioneers .

If modern Christians need proof of the truth of the Gospel, then they might just look, not to some outdated wondering rabbi named Jesus, but to the finical legacy of Rev. Ike whose legacy is to be found in my new neighbors; the Cerullos.

Ross said...

What's the point of this post? What are you implying? Please explain.

Ross said...

As with most of these things, there's another side to the story. Have a look at these links:

Most of their work goes unheralded, which is how the people who work for these organisations like it. I'm simply pointing out that many Christians wretch at the thought of prosperity theology, and cloistering themselves away from the poor and needy, whether in their local communities or around the world. Typically, the media often reports stories that cast Christianity in a negative light. Don't tar us all with the same brush.

Harry McCall said...


Cerullo is not a humble minister doing God’s work like Mother Teresa, but a millionaire CEO who trusts God so much he has to live behind a gated community.

Be it Paul and Jan Crouch of the Trinity Broadcasting Network or Pat Robertson (who has holding in diamond mines in South Africa), theses ALL have gotten rich by tithes and offering from ignorant people who are usually just making daily ends meet.

Thus, John 4: 35 “Behold, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and look at the fields, that they are white for harvest already.” has more to do with money for these CEO “Cerullo” types than real help!

Ross, at least Rev. Ike was honest and truthful (unlike CEO Cerullo)!