Ken Daniels' Review of My Book: "An unremitting battery of helpfully organized arguments against orthodox Christianity"

Former missionary turned agnostic Ken W. Daniels reviewed my book on Amazon. Among some minor criticisms he wrote:

As a former evangelical missionary who lost my faith nearly a decade ago, I am struck by how closely Loftus' arguments against Christianity match those that drove me independently out of the fold. My journey was long and painful; I discovered the flaws of my faith in bits and pieces until the weight of them all tipped the scales against my former position. In retrospect I believe the process could have been cut significantly shorter if John's book had been available to me years before my crisis finally came to a head.

The value of this volume lies not so much in its development of unique arguments as in its bringing together in a single accessible package most of the important criticisms that have been advanced against the Christian faith (and theism in general) since the Enlightenment. To be sure, there are individual books that delve into each topic more deeply than John's, but few if any cover as many bases as Why I Became an Atheist, while at the same time digging as deeply as can be expected for a general audience.

Though I have read many books arguing for and against the reasonableness of the Christian faith, I was rewarded with a number of helpful insights sprinkled throughout the text.

I found Loftus' treatment of the Atonement to be particularly incisive. I have not read a more succinct and effective rejoinder to the penal substitution theory than his...

[It is] an unremitting battery of helpfully organized arguments against orthodox Christianity. There is no denying that Loftus is well read and gifted at consolidating the arguments of a wide variety authors, tying them together with his own thoughtful analysis.

Loftus is superb at anticipating and preempting the counter-arguments of believers. Well done, John!
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FYI: You can find my book as a Kindle Book on Amazon: Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity

Ken Daniels just informed me he wrote his own book soon to be available on amazon. Ken was a former team member here at DC.


atimetorend said...

Nice review. I actually found this blog originally through reading Ken Daniels' testimony somewhere else and looking him up.

John W. Loftus said...

Andrew who is banned here at DC is KC_James. This review by Daniels was posted earlier and by evening Andrew had posted a negative comment about it. He does so repeatedly. Listen to what one reviewer named Jennifer said in response to him. KC_James posted the only review of my other book right here.

Seems as though he wants to do everything he can to see that people don't read my books.

Think he's got a problem?

peter said...

Consider the declension outlined in Romans 1. Please describe how we can reasonably dismiss Mr. Loftus as simply another inclusion in the event of those being misled by the forces that be?

sconnor said...

Oh yeah, andrew, goldstein, KC james or whatever that crazy-ass coward pretends to be has been smellin' up the joint over at Exchristian too.

He is a sick, sick, lunatic.


Ken Daniels said...

Thanks, atimetorend. John, regarding KC James' comments on my review, I hope you don't mind if I stay out of the fray. I figure this has a long history, and the last thing I'm interested in at this point is entering into personal politics. Thanks again for your incisive book!