An Update On What I've Been Doing Lately

For people wondering why I haven't participated much in some of the discussions here at DC, or that when I do, I seem out of it, or a bit cranky, I'd like to explain what I've been doing lately.

Lately I've been working on the copy edits of my book, Why I Became an Atheist. I know I'm the author and so you’ll want to take my recommendation with a grain of salt, but I dare say with Eddie Tabash that this book is the "finest refutation of Christianity," evangelical Christianity, in print. It helped to change Andrew Atkinson's mind, who was well-read and planning on entering Norman Geisler's Seminary. It is also being recommended by Norman Geisler, who said my book "is a thoughtful and intellectually challenging work, presenting arguments that every honest theist and Christian should face." It’s being recommended by James F. Sennett, who said it is "a wake up call to the church." And it is being recommended by many skeptics, like Daniel C. Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Paul Kurtz, Robert M. Price, Richard Carrier, Dan Barker and David Mills. In addition to these recommendations of my self-published book, Hector Avalos, Michael Shermer, John Beversluis, Andrea Weisberger, and Charles Echelbarger will be taking a look at the Prometheus Books galleys for a blurb to be placed with the others on the back cover, and inside pages of the book. The Prometheus Books edition is a major revision of my former book. I'm completely satisfied with it. It's sure to make an impact.

So I'm putting my all into what I'm doing. I want to make it the best damn counter-apologetics book, bar none. Even if I don't achieve that goal, it's still a worthy goal.

Then I'm also in the beginning stages of putting together a "Contra-Christian Reader" for Prometheus Books, to come out on the heels of my first book. A rough draft of the first chapter can be found here.

I’m also planning on turning my self-published book into a companion volume with the best from Debunking Christianity, decisions and permissions will be forthcoming.

In the midst of this I'm in a financial crisis and looking for ways to earn some more money. This economy is bad, very bad, for my business where I live, and rather than spend extra time drumming up more business I've spent too much time Blogging and writing. I think I may be in for another career change. In the meantime I'd appreciate any donations you might be able to give me during this time. I have a hard time asking for help, so when I do, it’s dire.

While I'm pre-occupied with these things rest assured that everything at DC is under control. Your administrators are Lee Randolph, Joe Holman, Harry McCall, Evan, and Ed Babinski. They help me with moderating comments to keep the discussions going fluently. I appreciate all of them and their keen insights as they have the chance. They make DC the best place to discuss the issues that divide us, in my opinion. To read about our contributors here at DC, see this link.


M said...

How about a small book tour?

I'm sure area bookstores (Schulers, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.) would be happy to have you for a talk plus a book signing.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Wednesday you should be able to cross The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture off of your wish list.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Oh, and I've had your book on my wish list since I first learned of it. It sounds like it's going to be a great read!

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...


You should probably read Paperback Apocalypse: How the Christian Church Was Left Behind by Robert M. Price. I haven't read it yet, but it should give some real insight into your "rapture".

Derek said...

I'm waiting for the book release with bated breath. Keep us posted.

As opening day (baseball) is just around the corner here in Chicago, we are marking the 100th anniversary of "next year" for the Cubs believers. Anonymous' remark reminds me that fans of the Cubs have nothing on Rapture believing Christians. They are closing in on 2000 years of "next year."

John W. Loftus said...

Thanks. So far I've received $95, plus I'll receive Mike's book. As you can tell that's not enough, but it really helps.

If I do nothing else with the rest of my life I'm going to be as passionate about debunking Christianity as Al Gore is with the environment. The difference is that he somehow makes a good living doing it!

If self-promoting my book seems a bit over the top to some people, you'll just have to excuse me. I'm not claiming to be smarter than others, nor better educated on the issues, nor anything else. I'm just saying that of the many general counter-apologetics books I've read that take aim at Christianity (and I'm looking at all of them I can find for my anthology) mine is the best one by far to date. That's what I think.

Plus, I have the eyes and ears of many important evangelicals, since I was educated by them. I could probably provide a list of about 25-30 important names of those who have noticed. Several important journals are going to review my book as soon as it comes out. So not only do I think it's a good book, but I have their attention, and you can't ask for more than that.

(Oh, and one of the other Administrators let slip anonymous' comment about the rapture, which was off topic, and asked that I delete it, so I did).