The Best Christian Blogs According to the Evangelical Outpost

I like interacting with the best that Christians have to offer. Here's one list of what the Evangelical Outpost considers the best Christian blogs. I encourage our readers to interact with them.


Spanish Inquisitor said...

The link just takes you back here.

John W. Loftus said...

It's fixed now. Thanks.

SteveJ said...

It would be nice if more of these religious Web site wrote about religion once in a while. So many I clicked on are just yammering constantly about politics.

vjack said...

Out of curiosity, why do you think we should interact with them? I get so many complaints about Christian trolls on my blog, I'm a bit hesitant to become an atheist troll on their blogs. Do you think some good could come of more atheists visiting Christian blogs? I'm open to the idea, but I'd be interested to know your rationale.

John W. Loftus said...

Who said anything about being a troll? Visit these sites and reasonably interact with them.

zilch said...

Hey, why isn't Atheism Sucks on the list? Well, he almost makes up for it by including the odious Vox Day...

Red Maria said...

Stevej: That's because politics is er, a bit important. Moaning that the religious are politically engagee in what is supposed to be a liberal democracy and where commentators are more frequently heard complaining about apathy and low voter turnout, sounds more than a bit peevish.
The religious have plenty of reason to take an interest in politics following recent real and quanitifiable attacks on their democratic rights.
I can well imagine that you would prefer to "debate" doctrinal matters with Christians, since you well know these rest on faith not evidence, rather than substantive political issues, which are as much matters of concern to enlightened atheists as to believers.

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Before I get to 'red maria' I would like to say that I agree with John that there are many Christian blogs out there that it would be good for all of us -- including the believers, maybe especially the believers -- to read and 'reasonably interact' with.

Sadly, few of them are on the list from Evangelical Outpost. Most of their list, from the sampling I gave it, cannot be 'reasonably interacted' with because they do not contain enough substance or, for that matter, reason, for us to be able to be anything but trolls on.

Too many of them fall under the description given -- in, admittedly, what he named 'A tired rant that I probably shouldn't publish -- by Chris Tilling:

"There are some ultra conservative evangelical Christian blogs out there that really get me utterly (*delete rude word. Insert respectable word*) exasperated – when I bother to read them, that is.
"I.e. I get the feeling that they write enough &%@§ to provide an adequate amount of 'raw material' to sufficiently supply for enough dung beetles to colonise the entire surface of Jupiter. Give a coin for every piece of ‘hermeneutic of hate’ rhetoric they write and you'd be a poor man. Gob in a valley every time they wrote something without knowing what the frigging heck they are talking about, you'd have Lake Phlegm within a month.

"...But it’s like they forget that they are talking about real people in their rants ... They squeeze you into their little tinny brained and often totally inappropriate categories and blast you with all the poisonous venom they’ve got."

Am I quoting a fellow atheist? No. Am I quoting an 'ultra-liberal Christian?' No.

Chris Tilling is an evangelical Christian who is also a doctoral student in theology at the University of Tubingen who says "In my postgraduate research (under the supervision of Max Turner) I’m working on a thesis that concerns the christological significance of the language Paul used to describe the relationship between risen Lord and believer. My blog, Chrisendom, is primarily occupied with biblical and theological themes – especially those Apostle Paul shaped..."

(Chris may be the only person I know on the net who can come close to matching degrees with John.)

Chrisendon IS one of those Christian blogs that is worth reading by the unbelievers and even more by the believers here -- you might find his defense of evolution in his current writing interesting, as well as the discussion that follows. It's at

Another Christian blog that might serve as a wake-up call for believers is D.W. Congdon's Fire and Rose. Congdon is an MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary, and one place to start would be his seven part article on 'The Heresies of American Evangelicalism.' They can be found, or rather links to the parts can be found, at

(You might check out as well An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution,
as well as many of the blogs linked to by these bloggers.)

I should state, of course, that I would disagree with many of these bloggers on their basic principles. I am just pointing out -- to people on 'both sides' -- how big a difference there is between the walled-in ghetto of American Evangelicalism and the much wider world of Christianity.

Red Maria said...

I'm waiting for you to get to me, "Prup aka Jim Benton".