Here's Another Conversion to Atheism.


Bruce said...

It's not bad, but it's a little tedious just reading sentence after sentence.

A few qualms though. First, he says he was born a Christian. This is just nit picky, but he was born into Christianity. No one is born a Christian or a Muslim or whatever, they are taught to be one.

Second, he makes the statement that "Killing for any reason is wrong". Now I'm about as liberal as they come but even I would never make such a statement. Now I realize that he was trying to show that religiously inspired killing is wrong, but making broad statements such as this just gives people the ammunition to create very specific examples that would force us to admit that some killing is not always "wrong" and thus call us on our hypocrisy. After all, isn't this exactly what we do to Bible believers? Do we really need to try and replace the ten commandments with our own secular commandments?

John W. Loftus said...

Bruce, I agree with your qualms.

toomanytribbles said...

yes while watching this i wanted to quote dawkins -- there is no thing as a christian child. you can't be born christian.

Anonymous said...

This is powerful. It is coming from someone how actually was a Christian. What better evidence is there than first hand experience from a person who has been through it. Awesome video. I'm showing it to my parents. They are debvout Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Why do atheists feel the need to use techno music? It sucks really hard.

Lemaro said...

What i find interesting is the fact that he doesn't believe because he says that there is no proof? (or even evidence?)

None whatsoever? Not even an iota?

[I am not talking about finding the "murder weapon" but not even a a piece of fiber]

But i guess there is an abundance of proof for athiests?

really, I think that both sides have evidence. None of us have 100%proof. Both groups should not overstate their position.

Both rely on faith (placing hope in where the evidence leads).

I do think that pascal's wager pushes the advantage to people that believe in God. Simply using a minimax decision making system.