A Leader in the Atheist Movement Online?

Raymond Lam recently wrote:
"I have noticed a lot of interesting secular/atheist websites that are devoted to disputing the core tenets and legitimacy of Christianity. Sites like Infidels and Debunking Christianity are the leaders in the atheist movement online."
Whether this is true or not I can't say (of us anyway), but it's a nice compliment that at least one person thinks we're doing well here. Thanks!

Dave Armstrong weighs in by saying DC is "my favorite atheist/agnostic haunt at the moment." Haunt us if you will Dave!


Raymond Lam said...

I checked out your new blog in regards to the debate on the problem of evil. I cannot claim to be anywhere near an expert in the field of arguing for or against theodicy, but I'll definitely be keeping my attention on the debates that will surely be on soon.

RubySera Martin said...

I think Matthew is right. This does not, however, take away the pain of having yet another person disbelieve one's story. We put so much into our stories. Then to have it discounted...well, it's basically doing away with one's existence. That idea is borrowed from Tillich's "The Courage to Be."

Dave Armstrong said...

I find myself continually amnazed by the irrationality of the responses on this topic.

This does not, however, take away the pain of having yet another person disbelieve one's story.

Are you capable of making the distinction between the two following propositions?:

A) Disputing the rationale by which one makes a switch from Christianity to atheism (i.e., arguing that the reasons given were not sufficient to intellectually justify the move).


B) "Disbelieving" a deconversion story as if the person is dishonestly recounting what happened.

I, of course, did the first, not the second.

We put so much into our stories.
Then to have it discounted...

Are you saying that unless I agree that the reasons John gave were valid and sound, that I MUST have either some serious personal or intellectual problem, which explains why I disagree? Why is it not possible that I simply honestly disagree? What is it about that scenario that is so incomprehensible to so many here?

It's truly astonishing. On the other hand, the current hysteria does strongly confirm my longstanding opinion that atheism is ultimately irrational.

well, it's basically doing away with one's existence.

I see. Is anyone in this place intellectually and emotionally thick-skinned enough for me to dare do another analysis of a deconversion without an orgy of ad hominem tomfoolery, misrepresentation, and non sequitur happening?

Dave Armstrong

Daniel said...


I think you know my feelings weren't hurt by anything you wrote. That said:

I think that deconversion experiences are posted for the benefit of the doubting believer or the unbeliever. They are not meant to convince, but to console.

As such, the intellectual fodder they contain can be addressed in a completely third-person context -- you need not reference the deconversion at all, or the person at all, to engage the rationale. For example, you can simply say, "The PoE was referenced as a cause for someone's deconversion recently...here is my response to the PoE." You get what I mean?

As I said, I personally don't care what you make of my own experience(s). I'll engage the argument itself as well as I can.