Acharya S. and Dr. Robert Price on the Infidel Guy Show

In the words of an email I received from Acharya S. --->

The stage:
The event: Dr. Robert Price and I will be appearing together on Reg Finley's "Infidel Guy" radio program on Friday, September 1, 2006 from 8:00 to 9:00 PM EST/5-6PM PST.

The background: Dr. Robert Price is the author of several books on Christian history and mythology, including "Deconstructing Jesus." Some years ago, he wrote an unfavorable review of my book "The Christ Conspiracy" and revealed in it my real name, published in "Free Inquiry" magazine. Needless to say, this occurrence brought me quite a bit of grief.

In any event, cut to the current scene, Dr. Price has read "Suns of God" and written a favorable review and sent it for publication in his Journal for Higher Criticism. We have exchanged cordial emails over the months, and have mended the fences to my satisfaction. So, while this upcoming event will NOT be the contentious free-for-all that some may be hoping for, it WILL be a rare opportunity to hear two of the better known figures in the world of Christian origins and mythology come together for a (hopefully) civil discussion of what I consider some of the most important and interesting issues human beings can think about.

This may be the most important show I have ever done!


Robert O'Brien said...

...two of the better known figures in the world of Christian origins and mythology...

Replace "figures" with cranks and then it is a spot on description.

Heathen Dan said...

I wouldn't call Bob Price a crank, but Acharya S definitely is. I haven't read her books, but if it's anything like her New Agey website, then it's not even worth getting a library card for.

Layman said...

The irony here is that these two heroes of skepticism are atypical of what most online skeptics might expect. Heathen Dan is right that Acharya S is a new age prophetess. Robert Price is more of a materialistic skeptic, but he is also an ardent conservative warhawk who defends Bush's foreign policy. We engaged in an email exchange that I blogged here. This lead to a full-length article here.

John W. Loftus said...

I know about both of their views.

Let me state for the record that I am a freethinker first, and an atheist second. No freethinker faces a potential excommunication or heresy trial for not abiding by the party line as far as I'm concerned. I left Christianity partly over this party line attitude. Acharya S. was a Blog member here for a week until she recused herself because of her critics, and I have invited Bob to be a member here with no luck yet.

Where I agree with people, I agree. Where I disagree with people I disagree. That's it. For instance, I do believe Jesus was a historical figure in the 1st century unlike them. But I learn from everyone.

The goal here at DC is to Debunk evangelical Christianity. This could be done by a Deist, a new age pantheist, an agnostic or an atheist.

Seven Star Hand said...

Hey John,

If you liked the Jesus Puzzle and Christ Conspiracy, you might be interested in what I have to say. I too have produced stunning and comprehensive proof that Jesus Christ is a purposeful deception, but in a way that most would not have expected. I prove some of Acharya S's assertions while disproving others. Though I applaud her for her inspired efforts, some of her conclusions are based on flawed assumptions. I am walking proof of this. Nonetheless, I highly recommend that people read the Jesus Puzzle and Christ Conspiracy to better understand certain aspects of the ages-old deception and strong delusion that is religion. I provide insights into aspects (ancient symbology, etc.) mostly overlooked by others.

Here is Wisdom !!