The Best of Debunking Far

Since the case against Christianity "doesn't get much better than this" here at DC according to one Blog, I thought I'd put out what I consider to be a few of our best posts here at DC. There are many more. But here are just a few. Enjoy.


Professor Doktor Matthias Flay said...

I'd add 'The Outsider Test' to this list. It's a bit obvious, and not particularly profound, but from my personal experience, it's really the key to seeing the absurdity of Christianity.

John W. Loftus said...

Thanks professor! I did include one about it here written by ex-believer. He evaluated it, and I like his evaluation.

Richard Carrier has said that the logic of the Outsider Test " insurmountable, even by
a so-called reformed or 'holy spirit' epistemologist."

Professor Doktor Matthias Flay said...

Well, a huge part of my fairly sudden deconversion was a brief mental leap into the worldview of the Outsider. And what did I see?

A system of very absurd beliefs that begged of its adherents not to apply to it the 'worldly wisdom' with which one figures out everything else in life.

Basically, when applied, the Outsider Test is ultimately destructive to one's Christian faith. Obviously, as your link suggests, only to those uninterested in the circular wankery of Presuppositionalism. That is, of course, to say 'most people.'

Related to the Outsider Test, and to what exbeliever posted about regional beliefs, is something I guess I would have to call the 'Time Machine Test.' Not a great name, but oh well. Maybe the 'McFly Test' would be better.

Basically, it's interesting for the believer to consider whether or not he could find any body of believers 1000 years ago who would accept him as a Christian. For the very vast majority of the Christians who post here, I would think, as a former Orthodox Christian, that the answer is 'no.' What does this tell us about their beliefs, that the only correct iteration of the One True Faith came along over a dozen centuries after its founder? More dodginess, and for an outsider, quite damaging, I think.

Mr. Stauffer said...

It's interesting you feel that way.. you being an intellect must also agree with Einstein and Hawkins that despite theological perspective of christianity, the evidence is still overwhelming and yet so fundamental that all matter was created by something out of nothing. One law of physics you can't debunk is you can't create energy or matter. Thus, the only possible challenge you must face as athiests is if it wasn't created by a deity than what? If you can figure that out you must be a genius. As a CHRISTIAN I accept that I am not in control, but I have faith where you have chaos. I hope someday your chaos devolopes faith, life is cold and lonely without the belief in something greater. We simply believe that physical evidence can and does support the Old and New Testament, there fore there is no reason why I shouldn't accept Jesus for what he claimed to be.. The Creator.

daved said...

Nobody knows how the world began. That does not mean we should believe in made up nonsense