Do You Want to Be a Christian Apologist? Part 6

I'm doing a series of posts dealing with the way recognized Christian apologists argue for their faith. I'll number them and tag them all with the phrase "Christian Apologetics" so you can have a link to them in reverse chronological order. So, let's say you want to be a Christian apologist, someone who defends the Christian faith. Then what must you do? The sixth thing you must do is to poison the well against atheists as much as possible by character assassination. Say we have character flaws and cannot be trusted with the evidence. Say we are immoral, as the Bible says in Psalm 14:1, something both Jim West and Matt Flannagan try to deny. Say that our arguments are but intellectually respectable excuses for immoral behavior, as William Lane Craig shamelessly claims about me. For the record, I deny having a pornography problem, and I deny pornography was a factor in my deconversion. No, I am not a pervert Craig, I resent that accusation.

The good news is that some Christian apologists do not take this low road. Randal Rauser, for all of our bantering back and forth, thinks Bill Craig should apologize:
While Loftus notes that adultery was a factor in his deconversion, he emphatically denies that pornography addiction ever was. If this is true (and presumably Loftus would know) then Craig is guilty of a very serious error and one that, I would think, would require a public retraction. Link.


induskreed said...

Dear Bro., I admire the brutal honesty that comes across in your book (WIBAA). But I've been to hell and back too. Which is why it surprised me that you would take such drastic measures to convince people that their belief system is wrong for such ordinary and mundane things that happened in your life. At least you had food to eat. I've been jobless for 3 years at a stretch and hungry for many days and still believe in God. The girl I loved and was engaged to, got married to another ('more capable man' as they say in our culture) right infront of my eyes. And to top it all, my family disowned me, took advantage of my weak position and threw me out on the streets. (It is a long story about bad people. I'm making it short for convenience sake). When I cried out to God for food, there was no answer. (I live in India. Not a rich country like America, where food is abundant. Jobs too. 500 people apply for one vacancy). But I did hear a voice I think on the 29th day of my supplication. It said: "I gave them hunger ('them' is Israelites in the wilderness) so that they might know that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." (You may call it hallucination or whatever atheist terminology available). I realized it was from the Bible only two years later. That's when I had my Eureka moment (when your eyes open and you realize that all you learned so far is trash in the presence of a greater truth). Please don't misunderstand me. I don't believe Genesis is a good science book either and I have found hundreds of discrepancies in the Bible. I really pity Christians who try to defend the letter of the Bible. People defend it as if it was written by great philosophers and men of learning. It is a futile exercise. The letter kills. It is the spirit that giveth life. I think the apostle Paul knew it ages before the atheists of today that God chose the FOOLISHNESS of the preaching of the cross to put to shame the wisdom of this world and to save the world.