John Shook vs Sam Harris: He's "Wrong on Profiling, Wrong for America"

There is another war going on in atheist circles. John Shook, the Director of Education and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Inquiry Transnational, is making the case that Sam Harris is "Wrong on Profiling, Wrong on Ethics, Wrong on Free Will, and Wrong for America."

Harris, Shook argues on his Facebook page, is "kinda wrong about free will" and links to How free is the will? by Russell Blackford.

Harris is also "wrong on ethics" and links to Patricia Churchland's interview on Harris's book, The Moral Landscape.

But most importantly Harris is "Wrong on Profiling, Wrong on Paranoia, Wrong for America" and links to an article by Josh Rosenau.

This is what Shook wrote about Harris's proposal for profiling. Click here.

Shook and others at CFI have issued a statement against profiling, seen here. As an atheist, when it comes to profiling, I do not want associated with this kind of public policy that is utterly undemocratic, so I too denounce it.