An Explanation About the Books I Recommend

There are lots of books debunking Christianity and/or in defense of reason and science not listed in my sidebar. So let me explain my choices since some authors might feel slighted for not seeing their book listed. Hint: It probably means nothing at all.

Remember, I have a focus, evangelical Christianity. I target educated evangelicals in the pews, pastors, college students, wannabe apologists and even Bible college professors to an extent. I don't target believing philosophers themselves, per se, nor Biblical scholars, nor scientists. So my choices are based on which books might help my target audience to reconsider their Christian faith. This is my judgment as a former evangelical myself.

There are other considerations.

I have not read everything. There are a lot of books I have not heard about yet. There are more being published every week, especially ebooks. And keep in mind I don't have the space in the sidebar to list all of the books I know of that target my specific audience. Furthermore, I have tested some books like those by Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens but they don't sell at all here. Books that don't sell I don't keep on the list. Books that sell well factor in my choices. There are even a few books I place in the sidebar because they are important to be aware of, although I might not agree with some important aspects in them.

I hope this helps. If your book isn't listed it probably means nothing at all. Cheers.


If you'd like to recommend a book or two or more, do so below and tell us why you recommend it.