William Lobdell is Looking for Stories About Sex and the Christian

Yep. Bill is the author of Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America and Found Unexpected Peace, and he's working on another book. Here's the scoop from him:
Hey, folks.

I'm working on a new project (details to come), and I need to collect stories from people whose views of sexuality were warped by their Christian faith.

I'm looking for first-person accounts (I could either interview the people or they could tell their story in an e-mail) from former believers who struggled with their sexuality/impluses/lust/etc. because of their religious upbringing. They can be anonymous. I'd like people to start with their informal or formal sex education (if there was any), and basically give a narrative of what the church's teachings did to their sex lives. I'm looking for former guilt-ridden Catholics, purity ring owners, wedding-night virgins, scorned pre-marital sexers, etc. I've already heard some incredibly moving/sad/funny stories, but I need more.

If there's any way you could help me get the word out, it would be appreciated. People can contact me at williamlobdell@gmail.com.


If you have such a story email him.

Or, share your stories here.


Rob R said...

For people who didn't fully allow Christianity to "warp" their views on sex, tune into Jerry Springer!

Rob R said...

Mory Povich's daytime paternity test isn't a bad one either. While sexuality and lust provide many struggles for many of the devout, these shows will provide example after example of people who don't struggle with it at all. (who says daytime tv can't provide decent sex ed opportunities.)

Ignerant Phool said...

Ah yes! That's it Rob, Christianity is the answer!

If everyone in the world fully allowed Christianity to "warp" their views on sex, that would be allowing Christianity to take away the "free will" given to these same people by this supposed God. What is it that you and your God really want? Do you want people to not use their "free will" or to follow Christian views?

You speak as if Christianity has the final say to this and other issues, which is ridiculous.


Rob R said...

You sir, are a sock! (I purposefully leave it ambiguous as to which of our other participants this comment is aimed at)

Ignerant Phool said...

You must have been talking about DM.

In any case, I suppose you think you are the "shit". In that case I won't argue with you. Instead you should put a "sock" in it, and deal with my questions you deluded smart ass.

Emory said...

I was molested when I was 6 years old by a blind man in a nursing home. Nothing was done. I cannot remember the exact words used when I told the first nurse I saw but I was basically told to forget it. The second nurse I told also did nothing and I remember her name: "Mom". When I finally got in therapy and dealt with this in my early 20's and then confronted my Mom about the whole situation and how it was handled, she admitted that she was scared. (Scared of WHAT?!) But her next words gave some comfort: "He's getting his reward in Hell right now." And something along the lines of how much God loves me because (a) he provided the means for me to get the help I needed by way of my therapist and (b) quoting the verse "Vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the Lord."

Then I got the whole: "You're lucky to be alive. I'm convinced God has big plans for you." But that "miracle" was nothing more that a doctor's training in practice. He unwrapped the umbilical cord which was wrapped around my neck two full turns. Today I would be smart enough to ask, "And just who wrapped it around my neck two times to begin with?"

Well, that may not be the type of story you're looking for (especially the "miracle" paragraph) and I'm debating whether to just click that little red X and get out of here. But oh well, you can decide.

Besides, my verification word is "wrapped" so maybe I am getting a sign that I am to send this. Ha ha, just kidding. But the word is "punch" which is what I would like to do to that bastard that is to blame for my screwed up life.

Chuck O'Connor said...


How do you know that those subjects on Springer and Povich aren't Christian? When President Bush was Governor of Texas he instituted the abstinence-only sex-ed programs within the state (A program all Christians I know endorse as fool-proof).

Texas now has the highest teen pregnancy birth rate of any state in the union and also one of the highest STD rates among teenagers.

Rob R said...

Chuck, I really wish I could have an honest civil discussion with you. But the past is a predictor of the future.

Chuck O'Connor said...

Rob R,

Your choice. Fine. I'd agree with you on that one. Your beliefs towards minorities and defense of your mother's bigotry make it difficult for me to assume that you are committed to anything but defense of your cognitive biases.

Good luck to you. I hope you exit the Christian bubble (again) and don't get drawn back in by the gravity of parental approval (again).

Rodney said...

What if we have a story that isn't about feeling repressed by religion, but instead coming to the realization that it had no effect whatsoever on people's behavior - thus making the overwhelming majority of Christians total fucking hypocrites (pun intended)?