Taking Scripture Out of Context

This video is funny:


Leah said...

You're on a major NonStampCollector kick this week, John! :-)

Not that I blame you. NSC is brilliant.

John W. Loftus said...

You're to blame Leah. You started me on it! ;-)

Leah said...

You're welcome. :-)

Lvka said...

Children don't stay children forever.

If God would've allowed those nations to continue in their atrocities, God would still have been 'evil' because He didn't put a stop to them -- it's a very comfortable win-win situation for atheists, isn't it? :-\

The nations that the Israelites extermined had centuries to repent of their evils, since the Jews were in Egypt for at least a couple hundred years before being released by God.

Ignerant Phool said...

Lvka, who says God had put a stop to any atrocities, do you see all the evil and suffering still going on?

Papalinton said...

A brilliant commentary on the asininity of the bible.

Harry H. McCall, CET said...

I do believe Lvka has been breathing too much incense smoke at the Greek Orthodox Church again!

Charles said...

Yes, in order to read the scripture
"in context" we must ahh.....ignore
all the nasty parts, you know, the
burning, the wanton destruction,
massive collateral damage, etc.
Because overall God Alsmity is good.