New Books I Just Bought

Thanks to some generous donors I was able to buy some needed books. I've asked for donations because I'm preparing to co-write a book with a Christian scholar soon to be revealed. Anything you can do is appreciated. Below are some of the books I've bought. I plan to get several others.

Scripting Jesus: The Gospels in RewriteMy Bondage and My FreedomWhy Evolution Is True

A Reader in Contemporary Philosophical TheologyIntroduction to the Hebrew BibleDisputed Issues: Contending for Christian Faith in Today's Academic Setting

Thanks so very much!


DM said...
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Jason said...

How come Atheists never post crap like that above

Harry H. McCall, CET said...


Here is an email I sent Hector on L. Michael White newest book, Scripting Jesus:


This is how L. Michael White (in his latest 2010 book) addresses the use of the New Testament in its use by Christians for the attacks on Jews (See Attachment taken from the Preface page viii).

I agree that the New Testament is the bases for anti-Jewish sentiment, but I totally disagree with Prof. White that the Gospels are simply either misread and /or misinterpreted.

I don’t believe that both John Chrysostom and Martian Luther either misread and /or misinterpreted the rhetoric of the Gospels as they progressed in their attacks on Jews from Mark to John.

Anyway, White starts out in agreement with you, then becomes an apologist!


[RE: Hector tells me he will also discusses this his forth coming book]

GearHedEd said...

Don't know if this helps, but here's an link to a book on evolution:

Science as a Way of Knowing

I read this for fun in between classes when I was getting my degree. Good discussion of the origins of the scientific method, lots of stuff on embryology, genetics and evolution. Not excessively esoteric.

Kel said...

The only book on there I've read is Why Evolution Is True, and it's one I highly recommend to anyone and everyone (indeed when I try to give sources of information to creationists, that book along with Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish is mentioned every time).

Another good book along those lines (but a bit more technical) is Ernst Mayr - What Evolution Is.

openlyatheist said...

How about Habermas' "Did the Resurrection Happen?"