Christian Professor Dr. Randal Rauser to Review TCD

After reading 70% of it he writes:
The Christian an engaging read. The essays are generally of a high caliber and it provides a strong, comprehensive case against Christianity. I am grateful to Loftus and the other essayists for putting this volume together and very much looking forward to engaging it in the weeks to come. Link.
A quick look at Dr. Rauser's Curriculum Vitae shows he's not a Bible thumper to say the least. This should be interesting.


Raul said...

I'll just quote Mr. Rauser:
"today works like N.T. Wright’s monumental The Resurrection of the Son of God (Augsburg Fortress, 2003) defend an orthodox picture of Jesus Christ on solid historical and evidential grounds. (Indeed, such is the evidence that even Pinchas Lapide, a Jewish scholar, has concluded on wholly historical grounds that Jesus was resurrected!)"
If that's not a bible-thumper,then who is?

Raul said...

Also,Mr. Rauser writes in the quoted article,that " Flew ... converted to theism (though not yet any organized religion) in 2003"...
Did that actually happen? (just curious)

Chuck O'Connor said...

Flew never converted to anything. His dementia was exploited by religionists to lend power to their superstitions without them realizing that their zest was simply seen as an ideological kidnapping and appeal to authority.