Sex, Sex, Sex...Issues

Taking as his cue something I wrote called God, Sex, and the Orgasm, a nice video was made of one of my points. Watch it below:

(First posted on 3/29/10)


Zach the Lizard said...

Oh, this post had issues for some reason. For a moment, I thought I was going mad and having flashbacks to this time period. I'm glad to see it's not me =).

Double A said...

Because sex drive is so powerful, it cannot be controlled? Is that the argument here? Well, it can be controlled. Just because it takes discipline does not mean the pursuit of it has no value. But it's easy to play the "It's not faaaaair" card which atheists love to do. "Whyyyy didn't God make everything eeeeeeeasy for meeeeeeeeeee?!!!"

Piero said...

Atheists do not play the "It's not fair" card, for the simple reason that we discount the existence of God.

Now, if you feel OK wanking your way through life, no atheist is going to stop you.