Christians, Pray For the Death of President Obama. Why Not?

Hell, 24% of Republicans think President Obama is the Anti-Christ, so why wouldn't Christians pray for his death? And true to form over one million of them are doing so, according to this Facebook page. Christian, why haven't you joined in yet? You think it's not biblical? Think again. Ever hear of the imprecatory Psalms in the Bible? Doing so is Biblical, you see. So choose: either follow the Bible and pray for his death, or reject the Bible. Oh, I know, these Christians are just idiots--more than a million of them--right? No, the Bible is barbaric and your God was a poor communicator if he wanted them to think differently. Calling for prayers like this could inspire some idiot to try to kill him. Christians who do this ought to be ashamed of themselves, especially if this happens. But these Christians really want him to die, don't they?


Patrick said...

This is a dishonest use of the bible John and you know that. For Christians, the NT is the guide--or it is supposed to be.

GMpilot said...

Killing Lincoln didn't stop Emancipation; killing Martin Luther King didn't stop the Civil Right Act. In fact, it might even be said that those killings guaranteed those pieces of legislation.
But if the Christers really believe their fairy tales, killing Obama will simply accelerate the process, wherein he arises from the dead, establishes a Socialistic World Government, imprints everybody with the Mark of the Beast, yadda yadda yadda. It would then be interesting to see if the pre-Tribs or the post-Tribs had the 'right' theology...or not.

Thing is, these people also believe that God works on his own timetable, not ours, so trying to speed things up by killing Obama is not only futile, but heretical. They never get their stories right.

Chuck O'Connor said...


Why is the OT in the Christian Bible if it is not valid instruction?

zenmite said...

My wife told me yesterday about a family member on facebook that was praying for Obama's death. This woman is a bible-believing, evolution-denying christian. She apparently sees no problem with praying for Obama's death. I suppose if the target were GW Bush, such writing would be condemned as unpatriotic. Why are so many christians ok with such actions or even ideas?

Jesus didn't even pray for Caesar's death...or pilate's....or Judas'. And taxes. Why do so many professed christians believe it is ok to not pay their taxes? I know lots of them that cheat on their taxes and feel no guilt about it. When asked whether it was right to pay taxes to Rome, didn't Jesus say render unto Caesar what is his?

No feelings of guilt or shame for wishing the duly elected president dead. No feelings of guilt for cheating on their taxes. But for chrisakes don't say goddamn or look at naked those are serious moral issues.

Clare said...

Zenmite. I completely agree. I find on the whole Christians are more dishonest than atheists. Not all of them of course, but I am much happier doing business with someone who I know is not very religious.
Praying for Obama's death is downright disgusting. If these people do not agree with his politics, they should simply vote him out next time.
I think this is a remnent of the KKK. They will be trying to bring back slavery next.

afeatheradrift said...

John, I am aware of the FB page in question, and I have no information that it originated with Christians or that they are the sole subscribers. No doubt there are some, but really it is most unfair to claim that Christians believe in this kind of utter hatred. People can call themselves anything they want, but it hardly makes them so when their actions are in opposition.

There is an alternate fan page requesting that the page be taken down, and it has is gaining by spectacular numbers.

You fan the flames John by trying to make the connection. If you have some proof that this is a Christian page, please show us.

Boyd said...

As a Christian, I would never pray for the death of anyone.

Manifesting Mini Me (MMM) said...

John is limited in his choices as exemplified here, "So choose: either follow the Bible and pray for his death, or reject the Bible."

Or, the third choice by faith, which is to divide the word of God between that which is of human nature and that which is of divine. A little more delving within and a little less sensational, but a worthwhile pursuit.

Imprecatory psalms (cursing enemies) exemplify human natured desires, not divine. Yet Jesus invited us to bring our hard feelings to Him (eat my body, drink my blood) rather than acting out these hostilities upon one another in order to exchange human nature for divine grace. By faith, it is possible to grow to view those who have mistreated us with grace.

take care,

Steven Bently said...


"Yet Jesus invited us to bring our hard feelings to Him (eat my body, drink my blood) rather than acting out these hostilities upon one another in order to exchange human nature for divine grace."

I wondering which cuts of Jesus do you highly recommend eating, MMM?

The testicles, the brain, heart, liver, intestines???

You're so overtly proud of your cannibal cult!

How does human flesh taste, and what does human blood taste like?

Just wondering, since you're a proud admitted cannibal.

Could you also supply some recipes using human flesh and blood?

ThatAtheistChick said...

@Zenmite You hit the nail on the head, buddy.

Wesley said...

Oh, afeatheradrift, that's rich, you saying that John is "fanning the flames". Blame the messenger. You know damn well that fundamentalist christians both started and are fueling this fire. Bury your head in the sand and pretend you don't belong to the same evangelical faith as these. You and Patrick and other christians believe in the same "inerrent" and "infallible" bible that gave rise to these crackpots. You are all part of the same family! So what if a family member has a developmental defect? Still a member of your family. And your precious scripture (OT AND NT) can be used to justify such hatred.

Manifesting Mini Me (MMM) said...

Hi Steven, you wrote, "You're so overtly proud of your cannibal cult!"

I doubt that pride is the right adjective to apply towards my attitude but rather, both contrite and grateful that God has provided a safe place to exchange hositilities for kindness. I suspect that God views quibbling and power pursuits as "biting and devouring" since that term is used to describe our mistreatment of one another.. To deny cannibalism on a very real level would be blindsided. It does exist on a very physical level in this world. Not too long ago I read reports of two cases where fathers actually bit their children. Bite marks on those who have been abused is no uncommon. So, biting and devouring does exist in cruelty between human beings, whether it be on an emotional, spiritual, mental or actual physical basis.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Manifesting Mini Me (MMM) said...

Wesley, your response to afeatheradrift was, "Bury your head in the sand and pretend you don't belong to the same evangelical faith as these."

Actually, it is Jesus who doesn't recognize ppl who corrupt the use of His name/power as being familial. There is grace if they should decide and turn around to receive it and being maturing in faith and lovingkindness.

Logan said...

Mr. Loftus,

I think this remark of yours is incorrect regarding this topic:

"So choose: either follow the Bible and pray for his death, or reject the Bible."

Though I'm sure you can agree that the majority of the group's members do not actually pray for President Obama's death, it is unfortunate that some do. For in the New Testament (1 Peter 2:13) it calls Christians to respect and submit to every authority, including our president.

So in fact, the only option for Christians is to live by the Word of God in all things. Rejecting the Bible, as you call for, is not needed in order to show basic kindness and respect for the leader of our country, even if we do not agree with all of his decisions.

Breckmin said...

praying for Obama's death is as utterly ridiculous as believing that 24% of republicans believe Obama is the anti-Christ.

Often people report things to polls *in fun* that they don't believe (playing along) and it is common sense to know people (especially young people) love to mess with the different internet polls.

Mature believers would never pray for the death of any unbeliever because that would mean logical eternal separation due to reasons which are multi-faceted and connected (can not be isolated individually).

It is by the grace of God that we were not under deception and under God's judgement. It is therefore illogical to pray for the judgement of anyone else - and actually "self-righteous" to do this.

It is cosmically much more logical to beseech God to work in the "heart" of an individual to change them and to eternally bless them.

A mature believer always prays for blessings...

NOT for the judgement of a fellow human being. Question everything.

Cole said...

I agree with Brekmin. I pray for blessings on my friends as well as my enemies. I even pray for blessings on those I don't know very well.

zenmite said...

"Often people report things to polls *in fun* that they don't believe (playing along) and it is common sense to know people (especially young people) love to mess with the different internet polls"

I am so glad to see this is the case. It puts my mind at ease to remember your point when I read such things as:

More Americans believe in a literal hell and the devil than Darwin's theory of evolution, according to a new Harris poll.

Newsweek: Forty Percent of Americans Believe the World Will End as the Bible Predicts: A Battle Between Jesus and the Antichrist at Armageddon.

A late 2006 poll by CBS showed that:

"Americans do not believe that humans evolved, and the vast majority says that even if they evolved, God guided the process. Just 13 percent say that God was not involved. ... Support for evolution is more heavily concentrated among those with more education and among those who attend religious services rarely or not at all."

It's a relief to know they're just lying or joking. It would be scary to think that many people could just be stupid!

thewildnubian said...

Another Idiot making the rest of us Christians bad. I come from a very Christian Family, and everyone in it supports Obama fully.
But they will get theirs. I am pretty sure no atheist goes to hell, just the hypocritical Christians. Atheists are very usually very intelligent, beneficial citizens to society.

Ross said...

Another game of "Guess the Antichrist." Spare me.

Lvka said...

Because God does not want the sinner to perrish, but to return and live.

bruce said...

Hey, I hoped for the death of George Bush for about seven years. Nothing new here.

If there were any justice in the world, then someone would go dispense some justice on that bastard. Cheney as well.

bruce said...

To GMpilot: You list a lot of wrongful assassinations of progressive social reformers. I'd like to point out that killing people sometimes would have been or was a good thing. Killing Hitler would have been great. Killing Bush before he started the Iraq war would have been good.

Seeing assassination as something morally defensible doesn't require faith, I'm an atheist. Of course these people wishing Obama dead are nuts, they're totally wrong about him. But over the last eight years I didn't see much of any "outrage" on the left over the veiled or not so veiled threats to kill Bush, so I find it hard to get worked up over this.

To be clear, I myself don't even own nor do I use guns, I just speaking in the abstract here.

PS. I wish I could believe in Hell, then I'd at least have the satisfcation of knowing Bush would end up there. Sadly, I don't think he'll ever face any form of justice.