Bible Contradiction Quiz Show

This is some funny stuff and includes a few extra brilliant jabs in the middle. Enjoy.


Breckmin said...

It is interesting that Christianity spread throughout the world and never had to deal with contradictions in the details because there was no printed bible available to the masses until the printing press.

I would love to go through these apparent contradictions one by one and explain which ones are possibly scribal errors, which ones I believe are minor mistakes on details which have nothing to do with theology, and which ones are clearly points of view and the way in which you are looking at the concept (which clearly needs more clarification).

Concision is often impossible when striving for precision on the Holy things of God because of the perspective from which you are looking at the theological concept.

I posted some comments on youtube.
God works perfectly through our imperfections and He always has.

The "bible" is not the words of God(although God has sovereignly decreed every letter). The bible contains the perfect reason/word/logic of God all through it and the scriptures are a testimony to Jesus Christ and HIS moral perfection and Perfect Sacrifice.

Errors in the details are inevitable. The perfect Word of God is not to be limited to Paleo Hebrew or koine Greek. Someday we will have a perfect language. Question everything.