Woooo Hoooo! Now DC is Being Hailed as "A Controversial Atheist Blog"

I've been called different things before but I especially like being hailed as having a "controversial atheist blog." This is intended as a compliment in a post of Widely Read Atheist Blogs. For such an honor I want to thank my Mom for birthing me, my wife for well, everything else, my Basset Hound dog, and yes, my mighty pool stick. Got game anyone?


=^skeptic cat^= said...

WOW you beat the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Massimo Pigliucci ... More importantly than that you beat the Flying spaghetti monster.

shane said...

Lol....I wonder why they consider this blog controversial?
I mean....it is an Atheist blog?

Roy Chang said...


AIGBusted said...

Hi John,

I've written a paper called "Dawkins' Dangerous Idea" and I'd like you to read it and leave me a comment telling me what you think: