Muslims vs Christians: The New Wars of the Future

It's true that Islam and Christianity are growing exponentially around the world. Christianity is growing in the southern hemisphere and Asia, while Islam is growing in Europe. What alarms me is that in maybe in 50-100 years Europe will be dominated by Muslims while the southern parts of the world will be dominated by Christians. If so there could be wars. America is following in the footsteps of Europe by becoming more secular. If America steps in between them she will have to deal with the might of Europe aimed at the Christian tribes in the south. Then all hell will break loose with another World War. And in this war these countries will have more advanced weapons of warfare. It could happen. We have just a small window of opportunity.


Jacob said...

You wanna substantiate that claim? I've heard this 1000 times from the secular community but I've never heard a good reason why this would be so.

Infidel753 said...

Europe isn't going to become Muslim. Muslims are less than 4% of the total EU population (in the country with the highest percentage, France, they are only 8% -- much smaller than the percentage of, say, blacks or Hispanics in the US). The formerly-high birth rates of Muslims in Europe are decreasing to converge with the birth rates of the natives, while many European Muslims are becoming secular in outlook or even leaving Islam entirely (this is hard to measure since such people are often reluctant to go public).

It took a while, but the attractiveness and assimilative power of Western culture is winning out.

Here's an article on the situation in France; here's a posting of mine going over the critical points from it, with some links to related items.

Both numerically speaking and in terms of their chances of overwhelming and dominating the secular mainstream society, Muslims in Europe are a smaller threat than the Christian Right in the US.

Brad said...

"What alarms me is that in perhaps 50-100 years Europe will be dominated by Muslims while the southern parts of the world will be dominated by Christians. So there will be wars."

Sarah Palin has nothing on this kind of reasoning. LOL.

Yo said...

Yeah John,

And when everybody becomes atheists there will never be any wars ever again, right?

Get real John!

Winston Smith said...

You are forgetting the largest Officially Atheistic state in the world...Red China.

In 100 years, with our technology, the will dominate the east, and possibly the world.

"Kings of the East" and 200 Million troops sound familiar?

DavidCT said...

Usually religion grows most among the economically disenfranchised. In this group you find the most radical forms of this nonsense. Economic improvement and availability of educational opportunities have historically served to mitigate religious extremism.

I have trouble seeing a conversion of mostly Catholics, into "true Christians" as a reason for developing countries in South America wanting to get in a religious war with European muslims. The logistics alone make it unlikely.

Jim said...


Beautifully stuffed strawman! And well attacked!

I read "If so there COULD BE wars" in the original post, and you change it to:

"So there WILL BE [my emphasis] wars."

We can always trust you, Brad, to misquote or get something wrong.


Boz said...

That sounds like a conspiracy theory, John.

Do you have any evidence on which your prediction rests?

Roy Chang said...

I worry about this scenario as well. Fucking Christians are gaining in my homeland, S. Korea.

Fareed said...

A year ago, I probably would have agreed with you on this. But recently, Geert Wilders has been gaining quite a bit of support. And things like the burqa and minaret bans do show that Europeans are not going to let Islam take over.