I'm Back. I'll Be Headed Out to the Virginia Regional Apologetics Conference on Saturday

From what I understand several atheists are coming to the debate between David Wood and myself. That's encouraging.


Tony said...


Just wanted to say I enjoyed the debate last night. I am the Atheist Army officer you signed a book for, Tony.

While I have read extensively on the topic and viewed many such debates online, that was my first time to attend an apologetics conference and debate in person.

I enjoyed the overall event but felt the organizers did their flock a disservice by not allowing time for more questions from skeptics like myself. In of the sessions during the day there was no time at all for questions and in the others there was only time for 3 or 4 questions, which does not allow for dissenting perspectives to be heard. The impression for me was that this was a great event for believers to be lectured to so that their beliefs can be bolstered, but there was no learning going on.
I look forward to reading your book and to future correspondence.


John W. Loftus said...

Thanks so much Tony! Yes, the lack of many questions after the workshops was disappointing.