Ken Pulliam Responds to Dinesh D'Souza's Argument

One thing about debates we can all agree about is that they are educational regardless of who you think lost. And I'm sure my debate with Dinesh will provoke a lot of commentary and thought. Ken Pulliam runs an intelligent blog which I recommend highly. He takes on Dinesh's claim that I have committed the genetic fallacy. Nope, not by a long shot, and I hit this claim hard in a chapter for The Christian Delusion book coming out soon. When you watch the debate you'll see I was not given a chance to respond to Dinesh.


Cole said...

Well, I don't think it commits the genetic fallacy but clearly there are people who have been raised in "cultures" (young earth creationist "cultures" maybe) to doubt the universe had a beginning at the Big Bang arround 13.7 billion years ago. This doesn't change the fact that the universe had a beginning at the Big Bang. It's true regardless of whether one believes it or not. It's also true regardless of whether one understands how scientists came to this conclusion. Indeed, most cosmologists now are in agreement on the issue. There's only a handful who still try and deny it.

Because it has been established beyond reasonable doubt I think Genesis chapter one can be ruled out. Unless one has an interpretation of Genesis one that I haven't read yet that actually makes sense.

christophermencken said...

Ken Pulliam kicks ass on that one. Can it be summed into something concise and memorable for something like a debate where the rules are "And now the atheist gets two minutes to respond."?

Breckmin said...

What will it profit you to win every single debate and let lose your own soul to logical eternal separation because you never received the correct answers to the questions and objections in your book?

Until you can objectively demonstrate a philosophical inconsistency which addresses the imperfection of meanings of words (which needs to be identified and addressed) you will continue to have NO philosophical inconsistency with born-again Christianity.

Feel free to assert something specific.