Richard Dawkins Interviewed on Al-Jazeera English

Watch it below:

HT: Atheist Media Blog.


Anthony said...

I remember when I was a Christian, studying Christian apologetics, Richard Dawkins' name came up quite often, and it was almost always demonized. I literally hated Richard Dawkins when I was a believer because I felt that he was on the other side of the spiritual war (in fact, when I left Christianity, the pastor's son told me, in tears, that he couldn't believe that I was now on the other side of the spiritual war...really).

I don't always agree with everything Dawkins says, and sometimes he surely gets in over his own head and swims in pools too deep, but I respect the man more than I can express. His message is simple, and it effected me profoundly. Why spend your life worshipping and loving something that you can't touch, smell, see or hear when you can study and appreciate the ineffable beauty and unsearchable grandeur of the world right in front of you?

The man gets lambasted quite often, even by atheists, and it's a shame. But, he does make lots of money from his books, probably, so I guess I don't need to feel too sorry for him. :)