The Documentary "Waiting for Armageddon" Opens Friday in Select Theaters

To see a trailer of this documentary click here. A synopsis of it can be found here. I've already argued that the rapture madness is indeed madness. This is yet another reason why I do what I do here at DC.


busterggi said...

And we almost had another one of these whackjobs in the White House.

Stephanie said...

What I want to know is how many more decades, centuries, or millenniums will need to pass without the return of Jesus that this whole silly fantasy will be kicked to the curb with the rest of the failed prophecies of the bible? I'm sure when the Roman Empire fell in 470 A.D. people thought Jesus' return was imminent. Many more empires have fallen and world cataclysms have happened since. No Jesus. When will people realize that it's not going to happen? Of course, this is a rhetorical question. No one knows. The U.S. will probably fall next. Yet Jesus will again be a no show. Certainly the Evangelicals will have to admit they are wrong at some point, right? (wishful thinking, I know).

Mark Plus said...

I suspect this belief reflects some christians' anxiety that their religion has reached its historical "end times." They fear that christianity has entered its own late B.C.-like era, and either some new religion, or even worse from their perspective, a secular world view, will replace christianity in a few generations and produce a "Jesus who?" society.

Kevin H said...

There are indeed unintended consequences to any eschatology. It can shut people down with a dim view of the (immediate) future, thus inhibiting goals and quality of life.

I was a victim of it as a teen in the 70's. With Late-Great-Planet-Earth fever raging, I thought I'd never see my 20th year.

However, I discovered that the New Testament itself teaches copiously against such an attitude. Thank God!

Once again, "Never judge a philosophy (or Christianity) by its abuse". And I suspect this documentary could be a wake-up for Christians.