Bobby Kern Is Taking the Debunking Christianity Challenge

He is a 32 year old student minister, on a break, who is currently working on his Ph.D. in Family Science. This is his official announcement. You can find the DC Challenge right here. Don't accept any imitations. This is the real deal. Come on. Consider doing this yourself as others have. What do you have to lose?


Kern's Kreations said...

I'm looking forward to the next several weeks/month. I know I've said it before, but I really do appreciate the challenge. I'm excited about future dialogue and hope that we can all learn some things together.
By the way, finished chapter one this morning, and I must say your story really convicted me. I'll be posting some thoughts late tonight or tomorrow a.m. on that.
Have a great one,

magnumdb said...

Hmm. Well, I'm glad Kern is taking on the challenge. But I've got one issue, which maybe is to be expected from all people who take this challenge. He says:

"...I will need your support, prayer, and love to see me through to the end. This is a journey of faith, of deepening my relationship with God"

It sounds like he's going into it with the hope and intention of strengthening his faith. If that's true, that's not going in with an open mind. It's biased. And with bias, the result you end up with after the challenge may not be fair.

Samphire said...

I see that the disgusting Fat Owl of the Remove has put in an appearance there.

Hide all the cakes.

Kern's Kreations said...

I'm taking a challenge to read and understand skeptic thought. I never said I'm going to take a challenge to become an atheist. My mind is open, but I will admit that it will not be easily changed.
When you go into a debate with a theist do you go in thinking that you will become a believer when all is said and done? Is that not the same kind of bias you are talking about?
Hope this helps you understand where I'm coming from.

magnumdb said...

I see debates as a different matter - if you mean going in as a person participating. If I'm an audience member, that's a different story.

If I'm an audience member, or going to read something for information, I go in with a completely open mind. I go into documentaries with the same open mind. I see what the case is that they have to present me, and I'll decide from there.

Either way, I'm glad you're open enough to take the challenge at all.

Samphire said...

My mind is open, but I will admit that it will not be easily changed.

Is it possible to have an open mind if it is already convicted of one belief system and admits to not being easily changed?

I can think of a number of scenarios which would convince me of the truth of a Christian God but what would convince you, Kern, of his highly-probable non-existence?

Such proofs for me would be physical in nature rather than the purely philosophical proofs put forward by such as William Lane Craig or Sye ("Borg") TenBruggencate which I find particularly unconvincing. To my mind, if you can prove God by philosophical argument, then there is no reason why he should remain hidden. But, apart from Platinga's nice warm feeling, he does seem to prefer to remain absent.

A question no religious person seems to be able to answer is "In what way would the universe and life on earth have changed if God had died 100 years ago?". Any ideas?

Gandolf said...

Samphire said... "I see that the disgusting Fat Owl of the Remove has put in an appearance there.

Hide all the cakes."

Another Turkel gobbler force feeding personal vandetta cramming session in process.

Seeds gone sour though,folks wont seem to simply swallow when told they must.

Dang it!,hows a modern day messiah supposed to get to rule the roost.If simple personal character assassination alone wont even work.

What dont these people understand about the idea of nobody really being perfect?.

What dont they understand about two wrongs dont necessarily make anything right?.

Truth be Told its not really being such of a great moonbeam for Jesus is it.