What's So Great About Dinesh D'Souza, by Advocate Atheist

Dinesh D’Souza in his book What’s so Great About Christianity takes great effort to misrepresent Darwinian theory and atheism nearly every chance he gets. In this critique I’m going to reveal D’Souza’s bag of tricks, expose his rhetoric, and show how he does a great job of running in circles, shifting the blame, and avoiding having to offer any real tangible answers to the atheist’s inquiries concerning religion. Link


kriss the sexy atheist said...

"D-squared" says the same things in ever debate and he says it in a loud voice and then he insults debaters/New Atheist by using a funny voice. I can't wait till John debates him. I haven't been this excited about a debate since Carrier v. Craig. I've seen interviews with John, but never a debate. I wish the debate were today, but I guess I/we will all have to wait patiently.