An Atheist Meets God

Come on now, think Christians. Use your noggins not to explain away but to explain.


Ginx said...

It does stand to reason that an atheist can talk to gods, since through gods all things are possible. It's certainly not the strangest paradox.

However, I don't find these videos to be very accurate. I think an atheist meeting God would go more like this.

C. Andiron said...

Re#1 the objection about returning to inform loved ones was anticipated by the Bible itself (Luke 16:27-31). The rest does not accurately portray the Bible's notion of sin ("But I was a good person!"). Although this person would undoubtedly despise him, he should listen to Ray Comfort, who would easily expose his lack of biblical knowledge. So why didn't he actually read the Bible carefully first? He'd gain credibility by doing so and if it's really that silly, he'd have nothing to fear about holding on to his worldview.

#2 WLC himself has addressed this in several debates, in fact using almost the same illustration (copyright on a molecule) that this video uses. God leaves people free to make their own decision. He does not force our attention on him because of stunts like that. He wants a relationship, not a forced acknowledgement. Faith has progressively become more internal and less external during the course of history, as Craig notes.

As a technical note, his assertion about equal percentages of Christians/Non Christians being affected by disasters was fallacious. If Christians were behaving in ways that exposed them to greater danger (such as Wally Tope, who was killed witnessing to looters in the LA riots) then an *equal* percentage of Christians being killed in a disaster may well indicate divine providence, when simply by behavior alone, a *larger* percentage should have been affected.

#3 This was simply satire. But that is a double edged weapon. Anything can be described in derogatory terms.