Sacrilegious Graphic (Comic) Books For the Young

Last night a young friend showed me a couple of great looking and very funny R rated graphic books he's beginning to collect. They are sacrilegious, extremely well done, and funny. Check them out: Battle Pope; and Jesus Hates Zombies. There is a generation of young people who think the Pope and Jesus are objects for ridicule. No argument here. Just ridicule. And they find these books funny. To me THAT is funny. We no longer have to debunk Christianity with arguments. Just get them hooked on these books! ;-)


Edward T. Babinski said...

Picture books during the Reformation taught people to despise the Pope, not just ridicule him in a funny fashion, but hate him infernally, eternally, without measure, as "the Whore of Babylon" and "the Antichrist." Just do a google image search using the terms Reformation pope antichrist to see some reproductions of images from those Lutheran works.

Measure said...

Jesus hates zombies? Has he looked in the mirror, lately?

This is like OJ Simpson hunting killers.

Goldstein said...

So now you suggest relying on ridicule and not even trying to argue?

You do realize that ridicule, although of course sometimes effective, is a class of logical fallacy?

You are a reprobate, John.

An evil man, and a lying, arrogant, fool.

I have no doubt what your kind would do if they had political power.

The same thing they have always done.

Your cause will lose, John, and you have wasted your life.

Thank God that you realized too late that there is no money...except for those at the very atheist propaganda.

If you had, you might have stayed in the church to damage it from within like liars in the Spong mold.

Now you are just a hired hand.

Post that, coward.

John W. Loftus said...

I thought I'd post Goldstein's comment to show the kind of comments I get almost everyday. These nasty comments are the reason why I moderate them at DC. He goes by Andrew and KC_James over at amazon.

Nothing here to respond to so...

Qohelet said...

Jack Chick tracts are unintentionally useful for deconverting people. I've seen some who were disgusted at his brand of Christianity that they won't have anything to do with it.

And there's the famous webcomic Jesus and Mo. Cool stuff.

Conor Gilliland said...

Though Goldstein may have lacked some tact, he's right about sticking to argumentation. Your sentiment reads like this to me, "Well, we've debunked Christianity, so why run our children through the tireless efforts of philosophical rigor? Let's just indoctrinate them since we've already done the hard work of discovering the truth." You may be jesting, but you would be the first to criticize any Christian for that sentiment and you may be justified. But similarly, any atheist should be criticized for the same intellectual apathy.

Jonathan said...

Jesus and Mo

I thought I would provide the link, for those who don't like to Google.

To Goldstein
"I have no doubt what your kind would do if they had political power."

Who is your kind and what would they do?

gustavolk-swagen said...

I am seriously thinking about getting these graphic novels, but I'll get yours first, John ;-)

gustavolk-swagen said...

@Goldstein Ad hominem. That's a good argument, too. And I don't know John personally, but his comic rocks and religion is very much up for ridicule just like any other kind of woo.

My CAPTCHA is apswoope, by the way.

John W. Loftus said...

My book is being reprinted and will be available again mid-October.

Brian_E said...

I think I've posted this one before, but I'll repost it cause I love it and it's hilarious. The pictures in this book just kill me every time!

Illustrated Stories from the Bible (that you won't hear in Sunday School)

StridentLobster said...

I would also heartily recommend Preacher and Wormwood, both just as raunchy as BP and JHZ, and both by Garth Ennis. Ennis satirizes religion with the practiced knack of one with long experience and a dark sense of humour that, as a lapsed catholic, really appeals to me.

Conor Gilliland said...

John, you didn't answer me about why it's fair to set argument aside for ridicule when regarding Christianity but not atheism. Don't point me to your book, that's rude, I'm asking you.

John W. Loftus said...

Conor, I was jesting. But to put the question to you would it matter if Grandma Jones or young child Susie believed because they were raised to believe due to Christian propoganda in a Christian culture, or would you be displeased that they never investigated their faith? Would it please you if they could not give one reason to believe? Would it please you if they believed for the wrong reasons, after all, they believe right? Would it please you if they were Calvinists and you were an Arminian so long as they believed after all? Is it important to you that people know why they believe, or is it enough that they believe?