Alien Intelligent Design

This is brilliant but apparently done by a Christian whose book is receiving some good amount of praise. Intelligent design theorists, take a look and you too might laugh a bit.


stevec said...

The video is pretty funny, but there are people who really think this way. I once picked up a book by Zecharia Sitchen at a used bookstore just because it was so weird. It was kind of cool, in that it reminded me a little bit of what Indiana Jones's dad's "grail book" would be like if you could sit down an read it. Full of neat drawings, but, just weird. I hung on to it because it was interesting just for its extreme weirdness.

Corky said...

No, I have to tell you that ID people will not laugh, snicker or even smile at this video.

There are people who actually believe this same stuff. And, the IDers really do believe that a God had to do some of the things men have done in ancient times.

I feel sometimes like I'm on a planet wholly controlled by the inmates of an insane asylum.

The things some people believe is absolutely mind boggling.

ismellarat said...

I think the ID folks deserve to fail for a much different reason.

Much like almost everybody else, they buy into the idea that "we" should collectively be deciding what "our" children are taught in "our" "public" schools.

So they go running to the courts to try and shove what they think kids should be taught down everyone else's throats, instead of just saying that they want to retain the right (and the funds) to teach whatever they wish to teach to their kids, and let you teach yours what you want also.

Drew Newman said...

Here in the UK we have developed a cunning idea. Its called the RE class. In the RE class you study religious Education - Its genius.
In Science you study something called Science and in RE you study those things called Religious.
It must be said that the evolution of the common sense gene seems to have advanced somewhat over here since the war of independence!

regards and commiseration's to my friends across the pond!

Jeffrey said...

Amazing. I love the implication that the Wedge Document is so connivingly brilliant that it points to alien intervention.

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Anthony said...

What I find most interesting is that the video wasn't produced by skeptics, but by "Beyond the Firmament" who, like the BioLogos Foundation, holds to evolution, but has God as the one behind it all.

BTW, the video was excellent, especially since I am a Stargate fan!

Amy B said...

though I'm not a creationist, I did look up the Discovery Institute's website and found a list of documents published in peer reviewed and peer edited literature. here is the link:

Conor Gilliland said...

"Hooray Atheism!!!"

Conor Gilliland said...

Also, you should post Bradley Monton's new book "Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Desing" on your blog's front page. It is important in the dialogue between atheist and believer, and atheist and believer alike should read and consider what he has to say.