Some Interesting Sites

Check these out: Atheism: Proving the Negative;
Religious Tolerance;
The Jesus Police;
The Messiah Truth Project, and
The Christian Central-the Antithesis.


Southern Comfort said...


I just discovered your blog. I am in a similar circumstance having graduated from Ozark Christian College and attended Emmanuel School of Religion, but am now an atheist. I also have a blog in which I debunk creationism (see my profile). You are welcome to stop by for a visit.

John W. Loftus said...

Interesting. Same background, eh? I bet we know some of the same people. I just added your site.

Southern Comfort said...

Thanks, John, I'll put a link to your blog on mine also.

Tim said...

Messiah Truth is probably the single most important site in my process of de-conversion. Before finding that site I was in a "Messianic Mode" where my Christianity had become more Jewish in nature. After finding that site the Jewish arguments against Christianity made more sense. I dumped Christianity and moved in the direction of Judaism. It was only a matter of time before I realized I had simply moved my operating presuppositions for Jewish ones and seriously flirted with atheism.

OneTwo said...

Have you considered Vox Day's Blog, Vox Popoli:

Aside from his outlooks on economics and science, I've found parts of theology quite interesting.