Hell: 20,000 Degrees Fahrenheit And Not A Drop of Water!

Back in 1974,while I was a licensed Southern Baptist Preacher and College Bible Major, the movie The Burning Hell was then being shown at many Bible Believing Churches throughout the Southeast. I was able to attend one such showing at a Pentecostal church in Seneca, SC.

While this video looks cheaply made by today’s high tech cinematography standareds, its affects were on par with such horror flicks of the era as The Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Many Christians who saw it were said to have had nightmares of Hell.

This film looks dumb today, but it’s horrors of the mid-seventies was claimed to have saved many over the reality of an eternal torment in Satan’s Hell.

If you can stomach it, all 8 section are here on Youtube.

Sleep well sinner!


Harry McCall said...

I could not help thinking that the unsaved man at church in this film looks a lot like JP Holding!

Jonathan Edwards Reincarnate said...

I prefer the sermons of Jonathan Edwards myself.

DenCol said...

Hi Harry,

As you already know, I am very strongly opposed to all of this Hell nonsense. It is 100% BS! The Scriptures teach no such thing.

Warren said...

That was a lot scarier than I anticipated. I only lasted 45 seconds.

On the plus side, it made me imagine an eternity watching crap like that and so I got saved... just in case that's what hell is, you know. (Thanks Mr. Pascal).

Doubting Foo said...

That's like the movies being shown in Nigeria that have caused so many children to be labeled as witches.
End Of The Wicked

Video detailing the children

Danica said...

I want to say something that, I suppose, is only relevant to this topic tangentially.

I do not believe in god in any way that would satisfy a religious person. The 2% of me that entertains the idea doesn't do it within the confines of any established religion.

My beliefs are as simple as this: I doubt there is a god that cares about the affairs of people enough to construct a heaven and hell. But if there is, it should be good enough to have been a good a decent person.

Of course that begs the question "what makes a good and decent person?" But I think that we all have an idea of what we mean when we use the term, and so don't feel the need to define it.

Marc said...

I lasted 50 seconds Warren so don't feel so bad lol

That was pretty disturbing, even more so than the ''junior christian science bible lesson''


Gandolf said...

Well said Danica .

But i was wondering. Do you think maybe mostly more people would likely at least be being more honest and sincere about really wanting to be better or good.

If it was more about because people felt they wanted to! rather than feeling it was because somebody or something was out there giving them the heavy`s that they should.

busterggi said...

Isn't it odd that heaven is never described well enough to entice sinners?

Maybe its because its not what its cracked up to be - spending eternity worshipping a vengeful, petty, arbitrary monster should be more appealing

Harry McCall said...

God is in Heaven with his Kingdom and Satan is in Hell with his Kingdom and they meet on earth to do battle over the souls of humans.

The affect of Greek mythology on both Jesus and Satan is impressive.

Since Hades (Hell) in Homer is both a god and a region, the Christian Tradition has taken over this classical mythology and created a Hell (as seen in this film) used to scared people into Heaven or, Heaven is just one of many Christian orthodox sectarian dogmas.

Thus, Christianity is entrenched with Gnosticism. Only when one has the correct knowledge is one truly “Saved” and being truly saved is only as one stays in one’s sectarian faith.

This mythology is fully played out in the Book of Revelation when the Kingdom of God battles the Kingdom of Satan, but only after Satan runs amuck in the Tribulation.

In today’s post modern world, apart from the socialization of friendships at one’s church, the ancient Greek and Near Eastern myths which formed the bases for the Christian righteousness vs. evil battles over the souls of men is to us as ancient and past as this movie is.

All the Christian apologetic contextualization can’t resurrect the Satan and Hell that both Luther and Calvin believed so strongly in.

Steven Bently said...

Oh jesus, please save us from a burning hell, because I know you love us so much!

Black Socrates said...

I saw this film several times when I was a child when I was 8 to 10 years old, could you image a child watching this crap, but I did not have a choice. I did not know it was on Youtube.

Gandolf said...

Black Socrates said..."I saw this film several times when I was a child when I was 8 to 10 years old, could you image a child watching this crap, but I did not have a choice."

Yeah i can imagine it as well as understand how very psychologically traumatizing it could be to some.

Strangely if your average Joe blogs happens to be bullying people and making threats.The law steps in and they can get jail for it.

But with some extra special religious freedoms also in tow,Joe blogs could then just probably quite simply get away with it

Oh what a wonderful world huh,these things really remind us of the intelligent design thats been involved

ME said...

DANICA: you ask "what makes a good person?" this question should answer itself, our actions make us good or bad, not legal restrictions. morals are the answer.
Morals are the natural innate knowledge of what we know to be right or wrong. We know automatically when something is wrong, it is universal regarding humanities thoughts and feelings, people on the other side of the planet know innatly what is wrong or right just as we do.
If moral considerations were included in our laws it would help but they arent, but sadly the protection of property and finance of the wealthly make up the majority of our 'laws', that is morally wrong. but legally right (the bankers robbery happening now being a good example)we all agree robbery is wrong yet it is allowed to continue on its industrial scale.
We dont need to be told what makes a good person any more than a baby needs to be taught that it needs to suckle on its mother for food.
Some knowledge we are born with. Morality is one of those things we are born with.
Its humanities choosing not to listen to that inner voice or its accompanied emotions that is the problem.