Another Skeptic Weighs in On a Craig/Loftus Debate

If you want to get my attention comment on whether you would like to see me debate my former professor, William Lane Craig, since that's what I'd like to see happen. People on both sides of the fence are calling for such a debate, although some skeptics are hesitant to do so because of recent losses to Craig. Reasonably Aaron weighed in on this and said something amazing about me:
I'm a huge fan of John W. Loftus and think he brings more to New Atheism than the four horseman combined. In fact I would like to see more of Loftus around the place. Why Loftus is not as big if not bigger than Hitchens is beyond me. Link


John W. Loftus said...

People have commented that I am arrogant because I post these types of comments from time to time. I have three responses to them. First off who cares? I don't. What difference is it if I am? Many arrogant people have made a difference in the world precisely because they were arrogant. Think Nietzsche, Marx, Sartre. Eating humble pie might make people like you but who cares if they do? They still must deal with my arguments.

Secondly, simple distinctions are in order here. I merely link to what other people are saying. I didn't say these types of things. I don't even think they are true, since the four horsemen have done much more than I'll probably ever do to promote atheism (although yes, I would like to be better known than they are--so what if I do?).

Lastly, there is a tough distinction one has to make if s/he claims a person is arrogant. It's a tougher accusation to make than one thinks it is, for what one perceives as arrogance may not be arrogance at all. It may because of the lack of self-esteem that one touts any meager successes or compliments in life s/he may receive. I'm just excited, very excited, to hear what other people say about my work, since I have many doubts that I am what they say I am.


I do not want a discussion of me personally here.

DavidCT said...


I have no religious background and am a bit unfamiliar with the dogma behind apologetic arguments and the atheist responses. You are not always that easy to follow but I am becoming a fan. A Craig/Loftus debate - Great.

Nice hat by the way.

eric said...

I have listened to several of WLS's debates online & while I thouyght some of his opponents were a little weak C himself struck me as a pompous twit whose arguments were so sophomoric any reasonably bright HS grad could have seen through them. I think I could debate him.

Jim said...


I like your attitude on this whole debate thing. We need people like you to keep debating Christian apologists like WLC. Who gives a crap what happened in other debates?

In 2000 more years, Christianity will be as popular as Isis worship, but in the meantime we need a constant supply of rational, clear-thinking people (such as yourself) to debate them and let them know we'll never give up.



J Wood said...

So John, two questions:

1.) I see you've called Craig out on your site. Have any steps been taken through any institutions to invite the two of you to a debate? Is Craig known for turning down debates? (I'm new to your boards, so if that's been done, I apologize.)

2.) In lieu of an actual debate, is there any possibility of getting on a panel that he's also on, kind of like Hitchens on the panel at the Christian Book Expo in Texas?

John W. Loftus said...

J Wood, no institutions have been contacted although one important skeptic has talked about it, we'll see. That's a good route to take but I first want Craig to say he'll debate me. Dinesh D'Souza said he would debate me but no institutions have been contacted about this. I'm hoping someone does. A panel also sounds like a good idea. We'll see.


universalheretic said...

I would like to see a debate. Craig is commonly labeled a "good debater", but I really don't see it. He may get the crowd worked up, but only because of cheap shots, appeals to authority, and attempts to ridicule the position of his opponent.