Might I Share Great News With You?

I will be left five-million dollars in a Will by a multi-billionaire friend who loves me and thinks the world of me. (Can your believe this. Totally free love backed up with five-million dollars! I never thought I was worth that to anybody. Especially by an old man worth hundreds of billions who is facing death soon (Sorry, I did not mean it the way it came out.)

I have not met this wonderful man, but I personally do know he has on file very reliable legal documents and that he has put the five-million dollar fund in twenty-five different banks to make sure the principle is FDIC insured. And, at the time of his death, all the principle and interest are all mine to use as I see fit.

This is a totally free gift of love by a person I’ve never met (Can you believe it!). The ONLY thing that he asks is that I show my love to him in return for this wonderful gift by doing simple 3 things which will cost me nothing:

A. He will want me to keep his reputation highly respected and defend it from anyone putting him down or being disrespectful of him. Trust is a major factor and part of his reputation, thus questioning this trust will reflect poorly on him and me. (I can do a lot of trusting for five-million dollars and who would not?! Buddy, I’m not stupid!)

B. Since he wants to remain highly respected; it only follows that he will want me to live a life that reflects his own morals and ethics. (Hey, after all it takes one to know one! Want proof: How about five–million dollars worth of proof! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!)

C. He will want me to tell other people that they too can have this free gift of love and money if they simply will likewise do A and B above and help share his reputation and this good news of personal love and wealth with anyone else who will accept it.

I do know the money is in the bank. I personally do know this man that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars loves me. (I don’t have to prove this to you or anyone else for that matter.)

You want to know something else: I’m sure I love him too. Listen, why would I not since he has proven this just by offering me the five-million dollars as proof that he loves me even more than my own family has or anyone I’ve ever met in my life.

What to know one more thing? I’ve thought about this wonderful offer and love. I’ve decide to accept it.

Fact is, just this consolation of love and money has already taken so much pressure and the burden of life off my back; even more than I can began to tell you about it! Talk about reality, man I’m now experiencing it!

I am now inviting you to have a real loving dad on this earth and five-million dollars too simply by doing something in life that will cost you nothing. (You ready know deep down in your heart you are unhappy with how life has treated you.) Please let me tell him you have found the truth in this life by just letting me tell him you will do A, B, and C above.

I hope you accept this great humanitarian’s gift of love backed up with money. Both he and I would love the see more millionaires with smiles on their faces, moral and ethics guiding their lives and love in their hearts.

Please, won’t you throw off this burdensome world and aimless life for a real dad that not only loves you, but proves it with millions of dollars?

I hope you and I hope everyone can be a happy multi-millionaire like me!

People, trust is free. Won’t you try it!

A man who now has a REAL DAD and your next multi-millionaire to be:



goprairie said...

you have been secretly praying for something like this to happen, haven't you? admit you still believe just a LITTLE.

Harry McCall said...

This is not some pie in the sky in the by and by as religion promises, but reality in the here and now!

I think you have confused faith and trust. Faith and belief are religious.

Trust is (as in legal Trusts) are of this world. (I believe Christianity is anti this world...too bad!)

Hey, money is real, banks are real (you use them about every day).

Want proof, look in your wallet!

goprairie said...
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Rose said...

Way to go Harry!! I once thought I'd be coming into a million or two. But my Dad had to insist the stock market is the only way to go. I guess that's how he made a lot of it, but he's 79 and a gambler... Oh well, at least I have my health! :)

Jeff said...

You forgot requirement D: Putting away 10% of your income into a special investment fund in his name, to be used at his discretion. Otherwise, heck, where do I sign up?

Harry McCall said...


Yes, I did not want to mention it, but it’s only fair that I (or anyone else) pay the 10% in taxes due until we get the big money. His death may be any day now. Just keep watching and waiting.

But, hey what’s 10% on 5 million dollars that we can get any day now is truly love worth having.

Now Jeff, you sound like you too need a true father with love and money; but I have to know if you really TRUST what I’m telling you.

Jeff can I trust you? Can your new dad trust you?

Could I ask you to prove that trust with at least 10% down to invest in your multi-millionaire future?

I hope you will make the right decision!

Emily said...

You forgot to mention the catch...if you don't take the offer, you will then owe the rich daddy-figure every penny you ever earn for the rest of your life.

Steven Bently said...

Harry, surely you're not one of those that's going to fall for that (pie-in-the-sky) promise are ya's Harry?

I too have a rich uncle, whom I have never met, yet he is rich and when he die's he's gonna leave me with a fortune, all I've got to do is believe that he does in fact exist, in order to receive his free rich gift, otherwise if I do not believe that he exists, he promises he will have nothing to do with me, and I will be left here shoveling coal into this big hot furnace for ever.

I have been promised this is absolutely the truth, because it is written down in a book somewhere, by my family and I know for 100% certain it is true, because this information has been handed down for generation to generation.

And to call my parents a liar would mean that they have raised me wrong and against what they too have been told is also true.

And they should take me out and stone me to death for not believing in this handed down tale.

I warn ya Harry, you better not turn down that man's free gift, otherwise you will certainly regret it all of your days.

I think you were probably raised to know better than turn down any free gifts...wink..wink

Harry McCall said...

Please! Oh Please! All you followers of John’s blog here at DC. Please accept this rich billionaire’s offer of love and money before it’s eternally too late!

I’ve told the truth (why would I lie to you about love and money?).

If you fail to accept this free offer love and wealth, you have no one to blame throughout eternity but your own foolish self.

Hey, I even have some short stories called parables that might help convince you to accept this offer. Do I need to tell them to you folks?

Behold: Verily, Verily, I tell you there was a rich loving multi-billionaire whose life goal was to give way all his wealth to t total strangers who would be obedient to his 3 simple requests. Bah, bah, baaaah! Bah, Bah, Baaah….(Now do you trust me?)

Harry McCall said...

PS: For those, like my self, who have accepted this offer: Hang in there, brother!

The check is in the mail!

feeno said...


Can I borrow $20.00 bucks?

thanks, feeno

Harry McCall said...

As long as you don't spend it on wine, women and song!

feeno, Yes! Yes! As soon as I get my payoff.

"Ask and it shall be given unto you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you."

AnnaZed said...

I don't know, I would count that chicken when it hatches.