We Keep Climbing in Hits!


Harry McCall said...

I believe we can see the hand of God active here.

Praise the Lord! He's still on the throne!

John W. Loftus said...

Yes, Harry, God has his reasons! ;-)

In March we had a high amount of traffic because of Shygetz's post Mr. Atheist Gos to Church. It got a huge amount of traffic. Congrats to him.

ismellarat said...

Holy crap - I was kidding when I said a few weeks ago that my copy of the first book might be worth something, but looky here:


$571 - $853!

Heyyy, and mine's even signed. I wonder if I kept the envelope it came in. Do I know how to spot a trend, or what?!

But I've always wondered, assuming Prometheus won't interfere, what's keeping you from printing off copies of your previous books, which do have some features that got left out of the Prometheus edition?

Don't "vanity publishers" let you print off as few as one copy at a time?

When's the new book coming out? I thought "in a couple of weeks" was wishful thinking, somehow. ;-)

And didn't you put out a book on shooting pool?

John W. Loftus said...

I discontinued my previous books because the Prometheus one says what I wanted to say better than the others. From previous criticisms I learned how to express myself better. [Those other books will never sell at those prices, BTW]. My companion book is taking a bit longer than I thought, but maybe in a couple of days or weeks it'll be online. It contains most of the material I left out of the PB edition.

Yes, I did write a billiard book, and I write a monthly instructional column for what I consider to be the best national billiard magazine in America (I'm writing one today called "Miss and You Lose"). I guess I like trying to master things which cannot be mastered, like trying to find the right arguments that will convince Christians they are wrong, AND mastering the game of pool. Both seem elusive to me, but I keep beating my head against the wall. ;-)

Tor Hershman said...

Here's a mini-doc on Hey Zeus.
“The Origin of Jesus Christ” Parts I & II