"Nothing Less Than Brilliant:" A Review of My Book.

Below you can read what one reviewer said of my book, Why I Became and Atheist. He joins several others who think it's a pretty good book, including three Christian philosopher/apologists. I only hope it helps people break free from the shackles of faith. Apparently it's helping. I'm grateful.

This book is nothing less than brilliant, Mr. Loftus was a fundamentalist minister for over twenty years, in the book he outlines in a few short pages why he left the church and became an atheist, the remainder of the book is one of the best philosophic, logical, historical deconstructions of Christianity and religion I have yet to read.

His knowledge and education have caused me to re asses my feelings that ministers are closed minded morons and while it surprises me that their education is so rounded it scares me that they can leave a world of academia still clinging to the medieval nonsense they spew.

Why I became an atheist is a must for the new atheist and the most weathered of us.




Makarios said...

That is so atheist -

"Look everybody! Someone thinks that I'm brilliant."

You atheists are a hoot.

John W. Loftus said...

Well as the author I do like it when someone says such things, even if I don't know who he is or his credentials. Why don't YOU review it?

AdamH said...

Don't be suprised makarios, atheists repeatedly tell us how morally and intellectualy superior they are, while at the same time claiming that the claim no such thing.

At least Mr. Loftus is up front about it.

John W. Loftus said...

Listen AdamH, when have I ever said atheists are morally and intellectually superior? For the record, as a group I don't think we are, who knows?

And what exactly is wrong with linking to a comment? That's all I did here, in hopes others will take a look at it. Only the non-educated will disparage education and only non-authors will disparage how excited we get when what we write is appreciated.

Sheesh, as I have previously said, "it is what it is, and nothing more." The only review that matters is YOUR review. Why don't you give it a shot?

KingsKid said...

My name is Barry Smyth and John is a friend of mine. John was my minister in Indiana, and was very influential and encouraging in my own decision to go into full-time Chritian ministry. I have just started reading John's book and can verify that his introduction is factual and truthful from John's perspective.
I have always known John to be a great teacher, man of integrity, seeker of truth, and open to other opinions.
I look forward to dialog with John as I continue to read his book and encourage others to respectfully join our debate.
As for John's brillance, I believe he is, but I also know his humility. Itellectually, I truly feel like a David going up against Golliath. So I like David, come in the name of the Lord, so that all the earth may know that there is a God. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

John W. Loftus said...

Glad to have you here Barry, and for your comment! Hope you enjoy the discussion. Sometimes it can get a bit heated since some Christians are offended this Blog even exists in the first place.

Cheers my friend!

Lemaro said...

I was wondering do you think that your book provides PROOF that christianity is not true?

or do you view it simply as providing some evidence as to why YOU believe that it is not true.

In your book on the resurrection you cited evidence that the disciples were NOT eyewitness, yet you noted in another book that it provided another view as to why they WERE eyewitness.

Does this then mean that your dispute is not resloves and you hold to the probablity that christianity is false, but have no certainity on the matter?

And if so what type of evidence would you NEED to convince you that Jesus lived, died, and resurrected?

Drew Lewis said...

Mr. Loftus,

I've finished my response to the information in your book and atheistic ethic. Part 1 can be found here, and since the bulk of the series will address your argument from evil in your book, I thought I'd make a note here, so your readers can see a detailed review.

Drew Lewis

John W. Loftus said...

Thanks Drew, I'll take a good look at it soon.

Insanezenmistress said...

my spamatious visit here would not be comeplete with alittle izm style zenning. My personal honesty had been questioned in one of my postlets. So i will admit that i havent read John's book. But i read the reactions it engenders in his readers. I read the anxious-ness of john's enjoyment of his deserved aclaim. ( remeber only 15 minutes, my friend) I have read this site for x point years and am aware of "where he is comming from". SO i contend that my oppnion of a work that would be his work, will have only made obviously illogical common forms and methods of understanding christianity.

And concist of discribing how other people's aruments of thier understanding of religion are flawed about this thing called God and it's role in reality.

So, there is nothing? poof, no God.


whats real, what's the truth of things? Philosophy + Method + Skill = Why + How + DO.

X = O dude, just add meaning.