Closer to the Truth Looks at the Big Questions

Navigate around at Closer to the Truth. There are some very interesting videos on a number of different topics by top notch philosophers, scientists and apologists, and they keep adding to it. You could spend hours and hours there. There are many hours of videos about the God question too. Let me know which ones you find interesting.

First posted on 10/18/08


Stargazer said...

I just finished watching two of the videos, on God and on Consciousness. It's a rather frustrating presentational style for me, just touching down and not going far with any one speaker. It could be a good place to introduce folks to the various approaches out there, but it does have rather a contrived feel to it on the side of the narrator's monologues.

On a purely personal note, I felt sad when I saw the bit including Huston Smith. He was someone who was pivotal in opening my mind to seeing other options in God-thought, and it pained me to see him summarily dismiss "scientists" and others who do not believe out of hand. Even for a person of such comparative openness, I guess there is still a boundary that exists. He can't (or won't) acknowledge even the possibility that perhaps there is no There there. Of course, he has immersed himself in all the major religions over the years--it has truly been his life, his work, his meaning. While I can understand it, it still grieves me.

Johnny P said...

my friends and i have found these great little stimuli for debate. kuhn hosts as objectively as one can expect of anybody, and always plays devils advocate. there are some great philosophical synopses, and cosmological explanations. i am hoping to see them all, eventually. it is best clicking on the bio of each person, and watching all their videos chronologically, to save jumping around like mad. a huge wealth of fascinating insight here.