50 Reasons People Give For Believing In A God

DJ Grothe interviews author of "50 Reasons People Give For Believing In A God." The author is very respectful to believers and lets them have their say without judging. Its a type of Comparative Religion study. Its good for both for believers and non-believers.


Doubting Foo said...

I listened to that episode and thought I'd pick up that book. That's a great podcast, the interviews are always interesting. I've been trying to listen to all their old ones for over a month now.

Yoo said...

I second the recommendation, for both the book and the podcast.

chuck said...

As if "Center for Inquiry", one of the largest atheistic apologetics organizations, can be trusted to deliver solid reviews.

Harrison did not give a single logically sound argument for the view that there is no good reason to be a theist. His book is just more commercialized American atheism delivered for the unreflective and the gullible.

Lee Randolph said...

Hi Chuck,
I don't endorse the book, I haven't read it and rarely read atheist literature, but when he says that the reason most people give for believing in a god is because "its obvious to them" I agree with that.

why do you believe in a god?

once we get past the "its obvious" from the Hindu, the jew, the christian and the muslim, and the other less popular religions then we are left with
"which god is obvious?".

Thats really where it all comes unglued isn't it? if you only consider your little community, you can get away with it, but when you consider what is going on in the whole world, now you have to come up with something distinctive to define which is the true religion, and the true gods.

good luck with that.

Reverend Phillip Brown said...

Hey Lee,

Too true and good words. I would like to read the book.

By the way I have answered your objection on my blog referring to Lord Rama and his Monkeys. Here is the address again christianityversusatheism.blogspot.com

Let me know what you think.

Regards, Phil.

Lee Randolph said...

Hi Phil,
I went to your other blog and scanned through your response. All I can say is that I don't have have time to maintain dialogue in two places, so i'm going to stay over here.

the second is that the key element is a belief in something patently absurd, getting defended by historians and believed by hindus.

Do you believe Rama had an army of monkeys? I doubt it. Do hindus believe that there is only one god and he came down and inhabited his son and made the universe safe for humanity in a human sacrifice/suicide? no they don't.

You both use the same reasoning schemes as insulation from each other and us.

and the thing about Rama not being in the Vedas, maybe you're right. My learning doesn't go so deep as to have copies for reference, only lectures in courses, but the fact remains that the Hidus have more scripture than just the Vedas, you know that but you are using this technicality to try to poison the well to discredit me on your site. Thats fine, not very "righteous" but whatever the spirit leads you to do i suppose you'll do it.

If I have to devote a lot of resources defending my position, I'm going to do it over here.

But if your followers see me over there, think that I am a push-over, and want to chew on some atheist Arse, then I'll welcome them with open arms. Send 'em our way. Consider this an invitation to your congregation.

In fact, I wish more preachers would come here carrying the banner, leading their congregation. I think that they are not living up to their "Great Commission" if they don't.

Lee Randolph said...

Hi phil,
speaking of patently absurd,
why don't you go refute my other article "Jesus was human sacrifice"?
Harvey's over there. He's a preacher too.

DingoDave said...

Doubting Foo,
I love your avitar of Caravaggio's painting 'Doubting Thomas'.

I once saw the same picture with the caption underneath, " Does THIS hurt?" : D