Hear Ye...Hear Ye! Frank Walton is Gone!

He's no longer a contributor over at Atheism Sucks. I will now link to that Blog. It has some better, more respectable Christians on it.


zilch said...

I may even comment over there again, after not having done so for quite a while.

bob said...

Since walton will be posting, there probably will not be much difference. If one person could dissuade me from becoming a Christian, it is he.

infidelguy said...

Seems like a Wizard of Oz Moment. When the witch died? heh

Looks like comments are still being moderated though.

Steven Carr said...

But I thought it was his blog that he created?

Daddy Cool said...

Well, you guys should know that Frank Walton didn't give the blog to William Hawthorne. Frank first gave the blog to Croath. Then Croath gave the blog to William. That's something you guys should think about when dealing with people like William.

Frank forwarded me his email exchange with William, so I know the whole story. I used to be with "Atheism Sucks!" by the way. Frank was going to give me the blog, but I turned him down because I'm quite a busy guy.

William used a stupid excuse to try to give Frank a guilt trip. This is how it went: William thought that Frank was out of line for calling Flemming "Phlegm-ming" here. Then William said Frank was out of line again for mentioning the fact that the NIU shooter read Nietzche. That's all! Jeepers! That's REALLY out of line!

William gave Frank the ultimatum of leaving, and so Frank gave him his wish and canned his ass. Then, William started acting like a baby because he couldn't return back to "Atheism Sucks!" What a sissy, huh?


If you're going to single me out in your post, at least get your story straight. I know what really happened. And you know that you deserved to get your ass canned.

I'm glad you humbled yourself before Frank. But you wouldn't be where you are if it wasn't because of him. You're only using his name for your own popularity. Don't forget that.

Frank helped me get off the streets. I was a gang-banger from south central LA. Frank was a part of a youth program that had an outreach that helped me. He has done more for society than William can ever do with Frank's blog.

Daddy Cool

IrishFarmer said...

I'm sad to see Frank go. I have my reasons, and that's all I'll say about it, but I'm still excited about where the blog is headed.

Also, John, you should note to your readers that Frank hasn't demoted himself to contributor, he literally is gone from the blog altogether. Bob still seemed to misunderstand that point.

IrishFarmer said...

I've heard people say some bad things about Frank, but the way I look at life is that the good and the bad will eventually even themselves out. Like God did with Pharaoh, even if Frank really was a "bad person" (which I don't think he was), God certainly could have worked through Frank to raise a blog up to popularity through which the contributors can make a difference.

I don't like to think in terms of events and people in such black and white terms, and I'm grateful that I have the chance (given to me by Frank) to do something good. I definitely think some of the other contributors are intelligent people who are doing some good.


Comments should be unmoderated. I told William that I thought almost any comment should go through, unless it steps way over the line. I don't know if he listened to me, but he did take moderation off (at least he said he did), and it seems most everything is coming through.

goprairie said...

now if they would just take out some of the childish elements like the mean book reviews that poke fun but don't actually address the book. oh, that really will not help as the main problem is where every discussion ends - on 'faith' or 'Truth' or some magic word that is supposed to trump the lack of facts and logic and evidence.
interesting that they feel the need for a blog to defend themselves against the 1.4%.

Andrew said...
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