Have You Ordered My Book Yet?

I'm the sort of person who gets excited when what I do is helpful and receives some recognition, just like anyone else. Anyway, as of today my book is ranked 3,635th on amazon, 11th in the category of atheism books, and 12th in apologetical books. And it's not yet out! See capture below...


Geoff said...

I just ordered a copy... though I was frustrated that I had to kill a tree to do so, rather than getting a digital copy for my KIndle!

Neutral Koan said...

Yeah, I ordered my copy some time ago...so I'm waiting. Fortunately I have already started the Challenge and got the Avalos and Beversluis books.

Jamie G. said...

Yeah, I just ordered it yesterday, now that you mention it (among 8 other books on my most wanted list). Amazon says I can't get it until Feb. 28th, though. With all the hype, I am expecting this to be one of the best books around arguing why atheism. It better be good, John! Don't let me down.

John W. Loftus said...

Thanks! See what Eddie Tabash said about my self-published edition here. Consider also that David Mills predicts "it's going to be one of the top atheist books ever published."

As a self-published book my present one isn't in any stores, just on Amazon. Some people don't think much of self-published books since they are a dime a dozen. When Prometheus Books publishes a book they immediately send out 200-300 copies to the major media outlets around the globe for reviews. When this book is laid into their laps there will be a slew of recommendations on the back cover and on the inside pages which will make them sit up and take notice. And once they do read it I think they will see that it presents some powerful arguments, even if they disagree, which will lead them to write about it.

Anyway, this is all to be seen. I'm just hoping David is right.

The Prometheus Books edition is an extensive revision of my self-published book. When it hits the stores the other one will be discontinued.

I don't believe you'll get it much cheaper than right now. And it will give Prometheus some kind of idea how many to print for the first printing.

Keep in mind that the rankings at amazon fluctuate quite a bit from week to week.

Viagrant said...

I'm still trying to finish your last book. I never really got into it for some reason. Too clinical for me. I will buy your new one though since I
want to support your work.

Darren said...

"I'm the sort of person who gets excited when what I do is helpful and receives some recognition..."

In other words, you're a narcissist, but then, we already knew that.

CGB said...

How about a preview of the contents page, Mr Loftus, please? Amazon doesn't appear to have one, and I usually check the contents page to see if a book is worth reading. Thanks.

John W. Loftus said...

CGB, for the book Why I Became and Atheist:

Table of Contents
Foreword by Edward T. Babinski

1 My Christian Conversion and Passionate Faith
- 1:1 A Word About The Grounding of My Faith
2 Why I Changed My Mind: My Deconversion
- 2:1 A Word About My Deconversion

3 The Christian Illusion of Rational and Moral Superiority
4 Faith, Reason, and the Cumulative Case Method
5 The Outsider Test For Faith….
6 Does God Exist?
7 The Lessons of Galileo, Science and Religion
8 The Strange and Superstitious World of the Bible
- 8:1 Pseudonymity in the Bible
- 8:2 Archaeology, the Exodus, and the Conquest
9 The Poor Evidence of Historical Evidence
10 Do Miracles Take Place?
11 The Self-Authenticating Witness of the Holy Spirit
12 The Problem of Unanswered Prayer
13 The Problem of Evil – Part 1
14 the Problem of Evil – Part 2

15 Science and The Genesis Creation Accounts
16 Science and Genesis 1-11
17 Prophecy and Biblical Authority
18 Was Jesus Born of a Virgin in Bethlehem?
19 Was Jesus God Incarnate?
20 “The Passion of the Christ”: Why Did Jesus Suffer?
21 Did Jesus Bodily Rise from the Dead?
- 21:1 The Pharisees: Were They That Bad?
22 The Devil Made Me Do It!
23 Hell? No!
24 The Achilles’ Heel of Christianity

25 Why I Became An Atheist
26 What is Life Without God?

Two Problems with Calvinism
A Picture of Dr. Craig, Dr. Strauss, and I