What Would You Do With $800,000.00 or 55,000 People for 12 Hours?

On July 7, 2007 55,000 people at a cost of $800,000.00 got together in Nashville for twelve hours of swaying, praying and fasting to influence God or other people or maybe it was just a pep talk to turn the country around. It was intentionally held on 7/7/07 because “Biblically, the number seven is the Lord's number," said Scott MacLeod, who helped organize The Call and is founder of Provision International, an inner-city ministry in Nashville. “All through the Bible, there are a series of sevens. So, when you get three sevens to line up at once, you know something's up.”

Can’t argue with logic like that. God knows there is more potential energy in those prayers than the combined effort of 110,000 hands laying on tools or brainstorming on different ways you could use $800,000.00 or 55,000 people to do something useful.


Jennifer said...

You wanted examples of modern day people who are like Jesus...check this guy out.


Bruce said...

That's only $14.50/person. You can't even get tickets for a good concert for less than $50 nowadays. And most concerts only last a couple of hours, so these people were really getting a bang for their buck! And the fasting is good too because the average American can sure stand to lose a pound or two.

Lee Randolph said...

To add a little perspective on this. I did some calculations and I hope they are right.
That is enough work hours for 317 people to put in a years worth of 40 hour work weeks.

Steve said...

Hmmm... My skeptical self would agree, however I still have unanswered questions, mainly dealing with the untapped power of the mind, things that cannot easily be explained, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure that the majority of people involved don't know how to properly use their mind, however the fasting, combined with prayer does tend to induce an altered state of mind (similar to that of hypnosis and/or meditation) which is also used widely in occult practices (some of which science cannot, according to my opinion, adequately explain)