Another Review of My Book

I'm sorry to bore people with the reviews of my book, but another 5 star review of it appeared today here on amazon (scroll down to Pilgrim). The author wrote:

John W. Loftus' book is a great read for anyone confused by Christianity's many contradictions. As a former paster himself, Loftus' position lends extra credibility to his conclusions.

Here are four reasons why this book is superior to many similar texts:

1. Loftus is well-read in the Christian apologist realm, and he cites these authors' works frequently. Anyone in the "Zondervan school of thought" will quickly become comfortable in his context, even if he/she is in total disagreement with his point.

2. The book reads without even a hint of condescending tone towards his former faith. It is obvious that the man is simply sincere, and he resorts to no personal attacks on any level. This is more than can be said of most current atheist authors.

3. The level of research and brutal logic applied to the Bible is absolutely stunning, as is the sheer number of examples given. Loftus mentions several of the most popular Biblical contradictions, but goes so much further, offering reasons why even many of the simple stories found in the Bible defy any logic.

4. There is "no stone unturned", as Loftus takes on nearly every apologist angle ever conceived. Science vs. religion debate? It's here. ID people knocking on your door? Read this book. Historical evidence issues? Loftus tackles them head-on.

On the back cover, the book is critiqued by Dr. James Sennett, who is credited as a Christian philosopher and author. One of Dr. Sennett's quotes (taken out of context here) is, "Scholarly unbelief is far more sophisticated, far more defensible than any of us would like to believe." This book will give more insight into this "scholarly unbelief" than you ever thought possible.


Maiden said...

Congrats on the new review! To celebrate, I wonder if you'd be interested in participating in the Bloggers on Torture Project?

Best, Maiden

Hallq said...

John, dunno if you're in to blog memes, but tag.

Franco said...

I am really sorry for my English, Mr. Loftus.
I just want to say that Spanish speaking people need books like yours translated into Spanish.

John W. Loftus said...

franco, I recently learned that not even Sam Harris' books have been translated into Spanish. I wonder why? I promise you I will try to get it published into Spanish sometime in the future.


SkyHigh Consulting said...

This is a big problem, no matter how much I look I can't find any books in spanish about science or logical thinking and nothing on critical thinking and debunking religion. But I can find 12,000 plus books on religion, and its lies, makes me wonder why?

Lee Randolph said...

you're not looking in the right places or you need to try harder.