The Empty Tomb Official Companion Website.

Jeffrey Jay Lowder informed me that he's just launched the official companion website for the book, The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave. The site may be accessed here. Enjoy!


live-n-grace said...

Blessed are those who live by faith and not by sight

Lee Randolph said...

I know a couple of people that lost a bundle in the stock market like that.

I know a guy that wasted his money on a fortune teller when he was having trouble with his girl friend.

I know of people that go to 'mediums' to talk to their dead loved ones.

I know of a group of people that condemn decent people that are homosexuals and used to defend slavery because a book of near eastern myths supports it.

live-n-grace said...

Wait, are you talking about the importance and purpose of life? I didn't know that losing a bundle in a supermarket had anything to do with it. Maybe it's just me :)

Lee Randolph said...

Hi l-n-g,
I'm glad to see you have a sense of humor. I hope we can keep corresponding with a sense of humor.

Emanuel Goldstein said...

Atheists do have a great sense of humor.

Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao and the whole gang of dialectical materialists loved to laugh at their victims.

And look at George O'Connor over at Red State Rabble laughing about the thought of Kent Hovind getting raped in prison.


Lee Randolph said...

Hi readers,
what Emanuel has done is called "generally" a part to whole comparison fallacy. There are some others in there too, so I thought I'd take a minute to exercise my hobby of analyzing arguments in real time to show how irrelevant Emanuels trollish comment to be.
As a side note, my use of 'trollish comment' is called 'loaded language' and is a staple in rhetoric to attempt to instill a negative bias against him.

In the first place I question his presumption that all these names Laughed at their victims,
that would be an equivocation of the context of the sense of humor implied by my comment to l-n-g
He has assumed that those names, including O'connor, are typically representative of atheists in general. I don't know about the rest of my counterparts here or in general, but I don't have the power and influence they did and I would say that in general power corrupts whether you are Mao, or Hovind or Haggard, etc.
Hovind got himself into prison, by doing illegal things that you wouldn't expect out of a christian with the spirit indwelling, O'Connor probably would mock him anyway, so that should come as no surprise that he mocked Hovind in this case either.
Hovind has done more than just cheated the government, he has created a con which stolen and redirected money to build a YEC empire that could have gone to other places such as the 'make a wish' foundation.

In my cold atheist heart, I do not have a lot of sympathy for Hovind, I think he got what he deserved through due process, but I do wish your god would bust up his empire. His 'company' just opened a new museum in kentucky. It was profiled in the New York Times.

Meanwhile, the problem of evil continues with guys like Hovind, Haggard, Roberts (pat and oral), Swaggart, and the Bakers corrupted by their power, bilking the gullible out of billions of dollars. Not to mention the christian media industry that pulls in billions each year, that goes to support a belief in the undetectable, unmeasurable, undefined, controversial god. And can you tell me what is the point of a 'crystal cathedral'?

If you can't tell the crooks from the christians or atheists, what good is christianity?

The Holy Spirit is not doing its Job!

So Judge not lest ye be judged!