A Debate on the Basis of Morality: Taylor vs Craig

We've talked about the basis for morality here before. In case you hadn't seen this, here is a good debate between Richard Taylor and William Lane Craig that took place at Union College, Schenectady, New York, October 8, 1993. Is The Basis Of Morality
Natural Or Supernatural?


Michael Ejercito said...

The Bible clearly states that God is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

It also states that those who die in their sins shall be cast into the Lake of Fire, tormented with fire and brimstone, no rest day nor night, the smoke of their torment arising forever and ever.

It is clear that morality is obedience to God, immorality is disobedience to God.

exapologist said...
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exapologist said...

Perhaps the Bible states these things clearly; I'm not sure what's supposed to follow that's of interest. It certainly wouldn't follow that they're *true* -- or even that, whether or not they're true, these things are *good*.

live-n-grace said...

Good and wrong are black and white. True and false are black and white.

Unless you don't believe in God.

adam s said...

"good and wrong?" what the hell? anyway, morality is not black and white, even when it comes to the bible. Paul even said what is right for him might not be right for someone with a weaker conscience. That my friend is grey. You should learn to think a little deeper.