There is No Christian God.

This is the third post in a series titled, "There is No Christian God," which is highlighting several serious problems for the Christian faith. In the previous two I had argued that God should've created all human beings as one race of people in a world containing nothing but vegetarians.

Here's something else God should've done.

Down through the ages there has been a great deal of religious conflict. If God exists and wants us to believe in him, then he should’ve made it a priority to prevent this religious conflict by clearly revealing himself in this world such that only people who refuse to believe would do so. In this way he’d prevent all religious wars, Crusades, Inquisitions and witch burnings. There’d be no religiously motivated suicide bombers, no Muslim terrorists, and no kamikaze pilots.

For those who claim God has provided enough evidence to believe, show me the evidence for this claim. Look at the world map below and reconcile that evidence with such a claim (click on it to enlarge it):

Here is the enlarged map key:

How could God provide more evidence he exists? I've already argued that history is a poor medium for God to reveal himself, and I've already suggested several better ways he could've done so.

There is no Christian God.


Anonymous said...

Like Abraham, who lived in a culture of worshipping bloodthirsty, angry and vengeful deities, who knew to obey the voice that said to not kill Isaac (how many others, out of fear, only obeyed the voice to kill their offspring and were too intimidated and doubtful to withdraw the knife?). (And yes, I recognize that the OT folks were full of destructive ways, but one might be gracious in acknowledging that they did not have the benefit of Jesus's portrayal of God). There are those, who, inspite of religious and cultural influences towards territorialism and human heirarchy, can look around them and see both the beauty of creation and the terror and suffering of spiritually infected people and see the need for outside intervention and believe it exists in a loving God. There are those, who, inspite of religious upbringing that justifies murder, abusive human heirarchy and social marginalization and spiritual religious abuses, believe and hope for a God who is a rescuing and embracing Father who desires to be understood and loved by us. There are those who know that God did not leave us with the mind game of "maybe I exist or maybe I don't - you decide" or a message of being vague and noncommittal. Like Abraham, those who understand that God is not desiring our destruction, but passionately desires us to seek a different way inspite of distressful circumstanes and persecution against abusive standards, are whom Jesus called believers.

Anon 1035

Kevin said...

Hi John,

Longtime reader, first time poster.

You speak a lot of vegetarianism as a superior moral possibility to the current status quo.

My question to you is: If this is a superior lifestyle, i.e., if avoiding the infliction of suffering on other species is morally superior -- are you vegetarian? Or better yet, vegan?

I hope so, as to sit back and proclaim to believe vegetarianism superior while not living your beliefs in a proactive, positive fashion seems a little ... well, inconsistent to say the least.

John W. Loftus said...

Kevin, I am not a vegetarian. I am on top of the food chain by virtue of natural selection. So I eat meat. There is nothing inconsistent about this at all.

What is inconsistent is for a good God to have designed a world where one animal must be killed, in gruesome ways, for another animal to stay alive.

Anonymous said...

"The lion will lie down with the lamb, the wolf with the sheep"
After the tribulation.

Danon said...

"..and no kamikaze pilots."

I didn't think the use of kamikaze pilots grew out of a religious conflict?

TJ said...

What do you mean by "Christian God"?

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Danon: Out of a religious conflict, no. Out of religion, yes. Since the Japanese Emperor traced his ancestry in a direct line to Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, a Japanese airman was doing the supreme religious act by sacrificing his life at the direct request of a diety.

Anonymous said...

God DIDN'T create the world to be that way. The Fall of mankind is what created it. God gave us free will and adam and Eve chose to abuse it. You can thank the devil for the death and destruction. It's ridiculous to me that so many are so quick to blame God for everything. There is an evil presence in the world, folks. That, coupled with free will allows for many silly things to happen. You guys should be thanking God, because if it weren't for Him giving you free will, you couldn't spew such silliness.

Heng said...

Anonymous, why did God create the devil? Why couldn't he just kill this rebel off? If you say it's because he gave Lucifer free will just like he gave us, then he's not as omniscient as people say he is, because he would have saw this coming and done differently if he was.