I'm Moderating Comments for a Better Discussion

Since a couple of ignorant Christians have decided to parade their ignorance here at DC by trying to answer every Blog entry and every comment, leaving little space for more informed Christian responses and frustrating the rest of us, I will be moderating comments for a while, according to these guidelines. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

That is such a drag that a couple of Christians force you into this. Of course, I am having exactly the same problem on my blog - a couple of Christians are feeling the need to post multiple comments on every post. I'll be interested to see how your moderation goes, as I may be having to do it too.

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

I too am sorry that you found this necessary, and hope it is only temporary -- and I have absolutely no doubt that there will still be many Christians coomenting here. I hope so, because what lifts this so far above many other blogs by fellow atheists is the quality of the dialogue.
I am sure, for example, that there are Christians who have read people like Sandalstraps, Paul Manata, and others and who have found their arguments (sadly, perhaps) more convincing than the refutations you make and who have left the discussions strengthened in their beliefs.

So if there are Christians who argue against your moderation policy, please ask them if they have read the many threads here, and if they really think their arguments match the ones they have seen from champions of 'their side.'
(I will admit I find it daunting, at times to argue on 'my side,' because I am afraid my arguments will look weak and uninformed compared to those of John, Dagood, Exapologist and the rest. (Still try sometimes, though.)

John W. Loftus said...

There's no need to worry. All educated Christian comments will be published, and even a few below par. It's just the stupid stuff that frustrates the rest of us and makes us bother responding that irks me. I want an educated discussion or none at all.

I have to do this every once in a while to weed out this kind of stuff. They go away and then we can continue.

Anonymous said...


I too am sorry that you have had to go to comment moderation, but I'm also glad that you decided to do it. So many threads were getting highjacked that I found it difficult to participate. Too often I have refrained from commenting on worthy posts because the comments already attached to that post moved so far from a discussion worth having that the well written and thought out post was lost altogether in the sea of incoherance that followed.

As for this thread, it is a milestone. Prup is, to my knowledge, the first person to place me next to Paul Manata, without placing some sort of negative qualifier in between, like:

Sandalstraps, unlike Paul Manata...

I'm not sure how I should feel about that. Does it reflect an affirmation of my enduring connection to a religion that I have long since stopped taking so literally, or a rejection of my attempt to distinguish myself from the herd, so to speak?

In any event, it is good to despite all odds remain somehow connected to the disjointed "body of Christ," so I'll take is as a compliment even if Paul Manata and I have as best as I can tell nothing in common save for the amorphous designation of "Christian."

May better conversations follow your decision to at least temporarily moderate comments!

Glenn Dixon said...


Long overdue IMHO - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear John,

After visiting your site and reading your comments (and others ) I find that most commentary is a complete denial of faith, its easy to have this type of mind set, also, you state my faith may take a hit, sorry to inform you that’s not possible. This reading is fruitless and your responses are typical unbelief. My only curiosity is about those who said they where believers and now there not! I can’t come to terms with these thinkers. My experience has been that of miracles and proof the HE is there, and I’m gullible enough to believe that every one must be experiencing this type of proof, or why do the christian thing, that’s a simple question to ask your self isn’t it? Well its obvious that not every one has my experience, and knowing capacity, and why, I don’t know!

Haven’t you ever been healed? Haven’t you ever prayed, and received a answer? Haven’t you ever prayed for someone else and gotten the answer, what is it that you all were following ? I would be on your side if I had no experience to the fact that HE is there!

You being as intelligent as your are should reconsider your stand, its easy to have a bad taste, it’s a bad view. If any time in the future you or yours needs a healing or a answer that can only come from the ALMIGHTY, I’ll pray and you will get your answer ! That’s a fact. pville63

John W. Loftus said...

Thanks pville63. Why don't you begin by praying that I would know the truth? That would be just fine with me. If after you pray and I don't change my mind, then what will you conclude? If prayer doesn't work then why should I ever ask you to pray when I need healing?

Anonymous said...

I’ve already concluded, that prayer does work! And I’m aware of your conclusion.
I guess you have never been, or ever plan to be in a situation that is bigger than yourself, A place where your in need of (anything) and there is just no possible way to get this (anything). What’s next when that happens? Intellect has its limits. You don’t have to believe, lets call it a experiment. Just say to yourself, I’ll ask 63 to pray for something, and I’ll watch while he makes a fool of himself, or don’t you have a sense humor.
I don’t know you but I have a feeling that you are experiencing the good life, just know this it’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance, like I said before bad taste has a bad view.

John W. Loftus said...

Okay 63, I've already made my request: "begin by praying that I would know the truth." No more about prayer here! Just pray, and I'll keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

Hi john,

I see your not going to talk to me, that’s OK, I’m sure you read save your receipts for your spiritual gifts, that person does not realize how far off base they are, and out of context, but I will not argue the point, but this I would like to say about that, discernment, knowledge, wisdom, these were all given to you from him, you didn’t have this great ability to put these thoughts together, and have this analytical mind as you do today, in the beginning, of your love for GOD, you were just a babe, but now that you have this, you, in your great ability, could not hold on to faith, wow how dark is that darkness your swimming in John! The reason I say its easy to have the view of this forum, is that, try right now to have faith and you will begin to understand what the fight of faith is all about, you sir stopped fighting. Are there errors in the bible why yes there are! Is there big problems and errors in the Christian church, yes there are! So now your taking discernment, knowledge, wisdom, and your wielding
A large sword in the wrong direction, see how powerful these gifts are in the wrong hands they can be deadly, only there not in the wrong hands, come on back, turn your self. What about love, do a honest article about the love of God, and the love that we should have for one another . pv63