An Excerpt of Julia Sweeney's "Letting Go of God."

Here's an interesting site called One Good Move that contains an interview with Julia Sweeney, formerly Pat at Saturday Night Live, which contains a 30 minute excerpt of her brilliantly funny monologue Letting Go of God. I ordered the CD.


decrepitoldfool said...

Marvellous clip, I enjoyed listening to it. Yet even after studying the Bible closely, and being aware of its contradictions, I had no trouble dismissing the more horrible stories as being of the culture from which it came, because I was not a literalist. My faith would have broken much earlier had i been a fundamentalist/literalist.

For me it was the heavens, and the ages - photons travelling for uncounted aeons across cold space toward a solar system that would not form for billions of years. It was the tiny sphere of space and time occupied by humanity relative to the cosmos around it, that finally cast the whole thing in the light of absurdity. Everything looked different.

Glenn Dixon said...

I ordered the CD as well, from the web site. It really is good stuff. Interestingly enough, it really helped my wife sort out some emotional issues regarding our recent departure from Christianity. Julia's humorous approach helped, I'm sure. I also discovered that she has two other recordings, and one video!